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    Edward Dewey

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    Part of the Bravo team's rear security for the RPD's STARS unit. Dewey was the acting pilot in Resident Evil 0.

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    A member of Bravo squad and minor supporting character in Resident Evil Zero.

    The severed hand holding a gun during the original Resident Evil's FMV opening was rumored to be Dewey, though was later confirmed via the remake that it belonged to fellow Bravo pilot, Kevin Dooley. Nonetheless, Dewey's fate is finally expanded upon during the early part of Resident Evil Zero amidst the train segment.

    Resident Evil Zero

    Zombie Ed
    Zombie Ed

    He is one of the only Bravo members with dialogue during the opening CG cutscene, and with the rest of the team discovers the dead military policeman and a clipboard detailing the crimes committed by U.S. Marine Billy Coen. Dewey quickly concludes that Billy killed the MPs and escaped, calling him ''scum''.

    After Rebecca Chambers is amidst her investigation of the nearby Ecliptic Express train, she will encounter Edward smashing through a window badly bruised with bite marks. He warns Rebecca of the terrible ''zombies and monsters'' in the forest before dying in front of her, making Edward the first of many casualties for the STARS unit. Like with most STARS officer corpses, examining Edward's will give players some handgun ammunition.

    He will eventually be encountered again as a zombie. One that can also withstand a great deal more damage than most zombies, as is common when facing against notable zombie characters. Though the encounter itself differs slightly depending on whether he is encountered by either Billy Coen or Rebecca, as the two must split-up in order to turn on the emergency brakes. If playing as Rebecca, there will be a short cutscene highlighting Rebecca's sorrow at witnessing her former comrade's transformation. When playing as Billy, however, the game continues on as normal.


    • While he is listed as apart of S.T.A.R.S. in the original Resident Evil's manual, he makes no physical appearance nor is he mentioned. He's also the only character not to have any featured concept art for the game at that, hinting that he was maybe an unfinished character.
    • Though he is never seen to use it, his Resident Evil Zero concept art image depicts him with a sniper rifle, suggesting his skills as a marksman.

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