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Marksman for S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Forest Speyer is also in charge of the S.T.A.R.S. team's vehicle and weapon maintenance. Forest is described as being a perfectionist, and is well-regarded by his team mates due to his professionalism. He is also considered one of Chris Redfield's closest friends among the S.T.A.R.S. unit.

Resident Evil

Forest Speyer's corpse
Forest Speyer's corpse

Along with the rest of his team, he is sent in to Raccoon Forest to investigate strange murders happening within the Arklay mountains area. He is eventually forced into the abandoned Spencer Mansion and is found pecked to death by T-virus infected crows on the outside balcony by Jill/Chris. He has a grenade launcher on him during Jill's story that Jill can either find herself, or be handed to by Barry. In Chris' story he only has a 9mm magazine clip to be collected.

In the original Resident Evil, a murder of crows will begin to descend towards the player after investigating his corpse. However in the Director's Cut and Deadly Silence versions, Forest will reanimate as a zombie.


Forest Speyer's role in the remake is exactly the same as it was in the Director's Cut version of the original Resident Evil.

Forest's corpse as depicted in the remake
Forest's corpse as depicted in the remake

However in addition to appearing dead on the balcony (and once again eventually reanimating), Forest Speyer also appears in the passive game mode called "One Dangerous Zombie". This mode is unlocked after beating the game once as either Chris or Jill and will persist for as long as the player continues to use the same save file. The mode basically entails getting chased throughout the mansion by a zombified Forest, who happens to be covered in high-powered explosives - while he will only attempt to bite the player, he runs at the same speed as a Crimson Head. This then forces players to run away from him, as any attempts at self-defense will make Forest explode, killing the player. Though he will only stalk the player within the Mansion, and once it is eventually patrolled by Hunters, Forest will disappear from the playthrough completely.

Because Forest is already on the move throughout the mansion, his corpse will no longer reside on the balcony; his grenade launcher can still be procured by Jill, however.


  • Along with the rest of Bravo squad, Forest makes a cameo appearance during the opening cinematic, though has no dialogue.

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