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Rebecca & Chris, shown wearing their new costumes
Rebecca & Chris, shown wearing their new costumes

Resident Evil: Director's Cut is the re-release of the original PlayStation classic title, Resident Evil. This version was released 18 months after the original and featured some new elements. The major feature added was the game mode, Arrange Game, in which the main quest items and weapons are moved around, with a few additional alterations. Such notable differences include the corpse of Forest Speyer reanimating as a zombie, and for crows to burst through the window where the player would first notice the helipad.

Main characters Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Rebecca Chambers were fitted into different costumes for the Arranged Mode, and would come equipped with a custom Beretta M9 handgun. It had a faster firing rate than the original beretta and has a chance to score a critical hit, which in the case of a zombie would completely destroy the head.

The Director's Cut edition had two discs, with one being a full demo of the upcoming sequel, Resident Evil 2, that Capcom had to delay at the time. The main purpose of the Director's Cut edition was in fact to tide fans over due to the rather large delay. This version of the game hit America in September of 1997, and had a slightly different cover shot. In 1998 the "Greatest Hits" version of Resident Evil: Director's Cut released at a discounted price and featured completely brand new cover art, with a bloody faced zombie looking over his shoulder.

The Dualshock version of the Director's Cut included a completely new soundtrack -- one that was more theatrical than the original's.

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