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    Carlos Oliveira

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    Carlos Oliveira is a supporting character in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and is featured in the Resident Evil live-action films franchise.

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    Carlos Oliveira is a native of South America who was recruited by Umbrella to serve on one of their UBCS teams. He was assigned to Delta Platoon under the command of Mikhail Victor. Is arguably most memorable by fans for his accent changing midway through Resident Evil 3: Nemesis' story.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

    Jill rejecting Carlos' flirtatious advances.
    Jill rejecting Carlos' flirtatious advances.

    His platoon was assigned to help civilians during the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City. Carlos is first heard amidst a hazy distress signal in the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. office. Carlos will eventually meet Jill Valentine within the city and is immediately smitten with her, though Jill barely takes notice of him at first because of his allegiance to Umbrella. The two can meet in different circumstances--either on the second floor of an office building or in a restaurant--though the results are the same.

    The duo will eventually become separated due to an encounter from Nemesis, but before this happens Carlos tells Jill about a cable car that his team is using as a shelter. The car is damaged and Jill leaves with Nicholai to find parts while Carlos remains with the injured Mikhail. When Jill returns she (mistakenly) reports that Nicholai is dead and they make the repairs to the cable car and start off for the clock tower. En route, Nemesis attacks and tries to kill the trio. Mikhail orders Jill and Carlos to the front of the car while he attempts to hold off the monster. Mikhail unloads his rifle into the beast but he is unsuccessful in stopping it. He then detonates his grenades in the rear car hoping to destroy Nemesis once and for all. His bravery only injured the beast, however, but his sacrifice was not in vain as Jill and Carlos managed to safely make it to the clock tower.

    Whether or not Jill decides to stay on the tram or jump out will determine certain factors involving Carlos later on during the Clock tower segment. If Jill tries to use the emergency brake, dooming her to stay on the train as it crashes, Carlos will act supportive and provide her with grenade launcher rounds the next time they meet. When Jill is forced to do battle against Nemesis in the clock tower courtyard, however, Carlos is too late will arrive after the battle to then try and tend to Jill's wounds.

    If Jill jumps out of the tram window, Carlos will act more worrisome, professing that he can't handle the horror he's having to deal through; Jill will then actually slap him in reaction, telling him to snap out of it. Because of this, Carlos will now arrive to help Jill when she is forced to stand against Nemesis. However, Carlos will be knocked unconscience shortly into the fight, but will at least have managed to destroy Nemesis' rocket launcher before hand.

    Either way, Jill will get infected by the T-Virus by Nemesis, forcing Carlos to travel to the nearby hospital to look for a cure. At the hospital, he encounters UBCS member Tyrell Patrick and Nicholai. Though the encounter can differ between whether the player heads to Basement level 3 or the fourth floor. On B3 Carlos comes into contact with a wounded Tyrell, who outs Nicholai as a traitor that's going around killing fellow UBCS soldiers. Upon opening a safe, however, Tyrell dies due to the existence of a bomb inside.

    On the fourth floor, Carlos then directly catches Nicholai in the act of attempting to kill Tyrell. Nicholai confesses his position as a survivor, before then attempting to kill Carlos as well. At the last second, however, Tyrell pulls out a grenade in the hopes of killing them all; though both Carlos & Nicholai are able to escape the blast range, with Nicholai diving out of a window. Nicholai's last act when playing as Carlos is of setting up C4 around the hospital, which then completely destroys the building. Carlos was quick enough to escape from the blast, however.

    With Jill cured, Carlos goes off on his own again. Just before dawn arrives, he gets into contact with Jill alerting her of the government's plan to nuke the city. Later on he is then able to locate an escape chopper. This too can differ, as it will either be taken by Nicholai, and Jill & Carlos are then saved by Barry Burton, or Carlos will get to it first and pilot the two out of there as they witness Raccoon City's destruction.

    Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal

    Alongside Nicholai Ginovaef and Mikhail Victor, Carlos is playable in the unlockable minigame Operation Mad Jackal. Based upon the premise of a bomb being implanted within the mercenaries, the player selects a character and then must make it to the Warehouse saving room located where the main story begins. B.O.W.s can be killed to increase the time, as can combos be formed for better timing rewards. Hostages are also located in select sections of the City, and reward both supplies and a twenty second bonus to the ticking down clock.

    Carlos somewhat fits in as the 'medium' difficulty for Operation Mad Jackal; while not packing anywhere near as much firepower as Mikhail, he is still better equipped than Nicholai. Carlos' inventory is as such:

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    • M4A1 Assault Rifle.
    • STI Eagle 6.0. Pistol
    • 90 handgun bullets.
    • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.
    • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.
    • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.

    Because his weapons are primarily suited for attacking enemies singularly, thus making it more difficult to chain combos, Carlos' downfall is often falling low on time. No spare ammunition can be found for his M4A1 Assault Rifle during Mad Jackal either, often leaving players to rely on his only other weapon, the STI Eagle handgun. As a result, alongside the combo handicap, players may find that Carlos lacks the suitable weaponry and/or ammunition to better combat against larger foes such as Nemesis.

    Should the player have chosen Mikhail or Nicholai instead, Carlos will then take up the role as a 'hostage', located at the bar. Should the player save him, for Mikhail, he will drop shotgun EX rounds, and for Nicholai will drop handgun EX rounds.


    In Resident Evil 3 Carlos uses a Colt M-4A1 rifle as his primary weapon and a Sig Pro SP2009 as his sidearm. In the Mercenaries mini-game he is armed with his M-4 and a Eagle 6.0 pistol.

    For his appearance in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, he has been given an HK MP5 with skeletal stock and a straight magazine.


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