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Cool Hispanic Characters

Hispanic characters in videogames are rare creatures. I often laugh at my black friends who complain about getting nothing but token black characters. At least you guys get the tokens. Most hispanic characters in videogames are painfully stereotypical, have little relevance to the plot, or they are little more than supporting cast characters with offensively over exaggerated and unflattering characteristics. This list is for the rare, the precious, the few and far between genuinely cool hispanic characters in videogames. Expect it to be a short list. Considerably shorter than the Lame Hispanic Characters list I am planning to work on next.

List items

  • Hands down the most badass creature alive in the Saints Row universe. It was heartbreaking to have to kill him.(You will notice that alot as we progress through this list. The majority of the rare badass hispanic characters out there will NOT live to see the ending credits of the games they appear in). Victor here was a freakin' beast. He's the kind of guy that brings his fists to a gun fight. He shrugged off a point blank shot to the mid-section from a pistol like it was nothing. He pretty much had to be blown the heck up to finally go down.

  • Despite how utterly badass he is in the game, let's get one unfortunate fact out of the way right now. Miguel will never be a prominent character in the Tekken universe. His pitiful performance against Jin Kazama in the newest movie(leaked on youtube) is a good example. It was so lopsided it almost made me put Miguel on the Lame list. Yeah he got some decent shots in the beginning but Jin dominated most of the fight, and brutally demolished Miguel in the end. This is doubly shameful because the person playing miguel in that scene is one of the baddest MMA fighters out there(with a personal real life story that would make for a hell of a movie in it's own right). Still, in the actual game itself Miguel has a stylish look, and fighting style, and an engaging personal story of tragedy and badassery. And the creators of Tekken deserve some credit simply for doing something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. They created a hispanic character in a fighting game and he's NOT a luchador. Granted, they simply traded the luchador stereotype for the matador stereotype, but I will take progress anywhere I can find it man.

  • I havn't played this game yet but I've seen mostly positive reviews so it's on my list. I will mostly base this entry off his comicbook portrayals. Technically Jackie Ecstacado is mostly Italian...but Jackie's earliest known ancestor Miguel Ecstacado is a full blooded spaniard. So Jackie's hispanic enough for me. It just goes to show that if you go back far enough in somebody's family tree you'll find that we all have a bit of some other race in us somewhere. Anyway, Jackie's badassery practically jumps the shark at times. I mean, what can you say about a guy who lost his virginity at the age of 14 to the police woman who was interrogating him? And right there on the interrogation desk no less. Wow. Ok. Nuff said. Actually there is one more thing worth saying. He knocked up Sara Pezzini. Respect bro. Respect.

  • I almost put him on the lame list because despite a background story as a South American mercenary that SHOULD make him one of the most hardcore badasses in the Resident Evil franchise I seem to recall him being the only character in the series male AND female, adult and child, to nearly have an emotional breakdown during the zombie crisis. Despite that he performed respectably for the rest of the game, and his portrayal in the movies went a long way toward restoring his "street cred" even though they didn't even get a hispanic actor to play him. I was desperately hoping he would be the main protagonist of Resident Evil 5. Unsurprisingly I was dissapointed. I continue to hold out hope that Carlos will return as a main character in a future RE game. A good one. Not one of the remakes, or a crap addition to the franchise like that FPS-game they did a while back.

  • Though he was mostly just a supporting character in the few missions Cesar got to actually fight he performed respectably. And though he appears kind of scrawny in-game(So does the default appearance of the game's main protagonist CJ), his concept-art shows him considerably more muscular and badass-looking. Also, he's tapping Kendle who's both sexy AND smart. Respect bro, respect.

  • Dominic should have been the main character of Gears of War. His personal storyline is far more compelling, he is sympathetic, he is badass, he is everything a main event headline character should be. But his fundamental failure to be born white has condemned him to the perpetual role of sidekick to the cut-and-paste generic "badass" otherwise known as Marcus Fenix. I'd be annoyed if this wasn't already so common i've gotten used to it.

  • Now i'll concede he's just a cheap imitation of El Mariachi, but let's be honest here. Even a cheap imitation of El Mariachi is about one thousand percent more badass than you'll ever be.

  • He proved himself to be a fairly badass dude in his various bossfights. He survives a protracted gun fight with Brad(A rather tough government agent), and the hero of the game Frank(A War Reporter who somehow goes on to become an unstoppable zombie-slaying machine). And he had some pretty smooth moves in his cut-scene fight with Brad. He also proves himself a skillful sniper in a later bossfight. It's a shame he gets taken out by a crazy butcher but hey, he had a good run up until then. Besides, as the villain of the story(and one pretty evil SOB, no matter how "just" he thought his cause was) Carlito's death was inevitable. Still, as far as villains go he was a pretty cool character all around. Like all the best villains he was just sympathetic enough that if the things he had done weren't so irredeemably evil you would almost be rooting for him.

  • Isabela proves herself both as a villain and later as an ally. in addition to being obscenely hot, she's a brilliant scientist and can hold her own in a fight. What's not to love here?

  • Yanno people have been trying to track this broad down for decades...I think it's safe to say Carmen Sandiego is the greatest criminal of all time.

  • Another rarity. A hispanic character makes it into a fighting game and it's not a Luchador. Granted Capoeria is the next most stereotypical option for a hispanic character in a fighting game, but it's a distant second so I'll give Christie her props. But really, she's only getting on this list for being disgustingly hot.

  • It's like they spliced Duke Nukem's personlity onto Vin Deisel's body. Sarge here, he's actually the MAIN character of his series and...get this...his series(Timesplitters) is actually fairly succesful. Imagine that. I don't even know much about this guy, but that alone is impressive. Being a gun toting alien-hunting, time-traveling badass is just a bonus. Oh, and he apparently has a female sidekick who wears a t-shirt with "SLUT" written across her chest. I'm liking this guy more and more with every passing minute.

  • Ram kicks ass. Go ahead. Put him up against ANYBODY from the Grand Theft Auto franchise and Ram won't just kill them. He'll kill them with fire. And style. And bullets. And possibly an exploding pinata. I'll never understand why his game wasn't a huge success. Apparently there was some race controversey surrounding the title when it first released, so my best guess is a bunch of pansy-ass videogame reviewers got their undies all twisted over the idea that if they admitted to enjoying a game that had them performing obscene amounts of violence against mexicans, everybody would think they were racist. The fact that the main character himself was mexican apparently never entered into the equation. Ram and his game were a victim of Political Correctness...just another reason I hate political correctness.

  • At first glance Rico comes across as a stereotypical angry mexican...that's actually a bonus since most stereotypical portrayals of hispanics in videogames tend to lean toward janitor, maid, lazy bum, lawnkeeper, clownish luchador, slightly less clownish matador, or preening fool. If they were going to go with a stereotype at least they grabbed the badass one. But wait, there's more. Scratch beneathe the surface and you actually begin to discover a rather complex and compelling character with a well-planned out background story, powerful motivations, and personal tragedies that go a long way toward explaining why he's the roughest, toughest, meanest sunuvabitch in the Killzone universe. Hot damn. We have ourselves a winner here.

  • I was initially turned off on this character because I thought he was supposed to be some glorified version of Che Guevera based on the cover art from the first game. Here's a quick history lesson for you. The real Che was a sadisticly murderous and incredibly racist sunuvabitch who spared nobody the worst of his brutality. Young or old, male or female, it made no difference to this bastard. He does not deserve to be glorified or idolized in any way, shape or form(as so many brain dead twits on college campuses and in hollywood were doing around the time this game first came out). Anyway, apparently that was just a marketing gimmick and the in-game Rico in no way resembled Che. So I gave him another look and much to my surprise it turned out this guy is one high flying hardcore super badass mofo. Now brace yourself, because the next thing I am about to say will knock your socks off...he's the MAIN character. He's the headline event. The star of the show. He's not a sidekick. He's not a secondary character. He's not the guy you play for one stage while the real hero is otherwise pre-occupied...he's the main freakin' event. Holy crap. EDIT: I have purchased and beaten JC2 and while I stand by my decision to put Rico on this list I gotta say i'm a tad dissapointed. Rico has something of a personality deficiency, unless "Sociopath" can be considered a personality trait. Rico's definitely an acrobatic army-killing, base-leveling Amry-Of-One. Sheer badassery earns him his place on this list, and you know you got a badass on your hands when you're talking about a guy who disarms 4 nuclear missiles in MID-AIR, while acrobaticlly flipping back and forth between them AND while shooting it out with a megalomaniacal midget. But is it too much to ask for Rico to actually have some real personality and storyline depth? The whole plot of the game pretty much amounts to "All our problems can be solved by blowing shit up until our enemies come to us and then we blow them up too". That's good enough for a Quentin Tarantino movie I guess, but I just crave more. Still, i'll take what I can get.

  • I can't beleive I almost forgot to include good ol' Ding. It's been a while since he headlined a game sadly, but Ding is a total badass. It's also a bit amusing to include him here right after I included Rico Rodriguez. Ding here LOVES Ninjas, and Rico HATES them. Hehe.

  • See? This is a perfect example. Hispanic characters get no respect. They won't even put a picture of Father Cortez here on Giantbomb? No respect I tellz ya, no respect. But that's fine, cuz I respect Father Cortez enough for everybody. This guy just kicks ass. He may be elderly, but that doesn't seem to slow him down in the least. He is one of the most well balanced characters in the Hunter the Reckoning series. His default crossbow weapon goes through vampires like a hot knife through butter, and they're amongst the toughest "normal" enemies in the games. He uses a Crusader Sword that looks like a ginormous crucifix for melee and has some sweet looking combos with it. He also rocks a rather stylish brown leather trenchcoat and has some of the best Edge powers in the series. In summary...he kicks ass.

  • I THINK he's hispanic but havn't played the game yet so I don't know much about the character one way or the other. I am tentively placing him on this list for now until I get more information. EDIT: Ok, let's get this out of the way. From what I can tell NONE of the Farcry 2 protagonists have any kind of in-game character developement. That having been said Marty has a fairly interesting backstory. Interesting in the sense of being kinda...realistic. An overseas marriage that ends in divorce because he's always out being a mercenary in some new war. It's not particularly dazzling but it's still kind of interesting in the sense that you can beleive it pretty easily. The Farcry series seems to be trying to move away from the Sci-Fi elements of the first and get into gritty real world realism, and Marty's story does that. It's a shame that the game doesn't do anything with the individual stories of these characters. Anyway, Marty does stand out from the other Farcry 2 protagonists in one noteworthy way. He actually appears in one of the Farcry novels. I don't know if that's a claim to fame or a claim to shame, but either way it's a claim none of the others in the game get. So there ya have it.

  • Insofar as she is not portrayed as a maid, an illegal immigrant, or somebody incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence in english, Val is pretty cool. Yeah...beggars can't be choosers.

  • He's a horrible, HORRIBLE stereotype...but he's in a game dedicated to horrible stereotypes so in this case it's funny and it works.

  • yeah she dresses like a slut, but big time bonus points for being a mexican in a fighting game who's not a luchador. She DOES have some wrestling-inspired moves but there's some Muy Thai in there too. Bitchin'.

  • Technically only half hispanic, but you gotta love the fact that while the rest of the characters in this game are fighting demons with funky powers and wicked weapons Roberto is kicking demon ass and taking demon names with his fists. Also it's subtly implied that he and Ohatsu(the resident hottie of his game, although she's a bit more plain jane in my opinion) got something X-Rated going on the side. Good on you mate. Good on you.

  • Like Miguel from Tekken, Mavado's never gonna be anybody who matters in the Mortal Kombat universe. Rest assured that if there is an animated or live action remake, Mavado a bit player background mook who gets mowed down with ease by the heroes. That having been said he has a pretty badass character design and in-game he performs very well. Also, he doesn't BLATANTLY conform to a single typical stereotype role for hispanic characters, although we narrowly dodged the bullet on that one. He was originally meant to be a matador in the character-design stage but the game developers ultimately scrapped that idea. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I suppose a case can be made that he sort of conforms to the gangster stereotype being part of a illicit organization, but that's a bit of a stretch.

  • The name kinda blows but gotta love that character design. That's about all I can base my judgement off of though since this game got shutdown before I ever got a chance to try it.

  • I was kind of torn on where to put him. Cool list, or Lame list? But ultimately he IS a very fun character even if he is a bit..."overly flamoyant". And he's named after one of the most badass human beings(who happens to be a Spaniard) in real world history, Al Cid Campeador. Sadly Al Cid Margrace bears little to no resemblance to Al Cid Campeador, but i'll take the nod of acknowledgement Square Enix. Margrace does have one legitimate claim to cool. In the game where he's actually a playable character all of his rather silly and impractical skills make one thing abundantly clear. He is the consumate Lady's Man. And his concept art shows that he has a trio of identical triplets as his...ahem..."personal escorts". Good on you bro.

  • Pretty cool dude. Physical powerhouse, AND tactical whiz who is patient and thoughtful on the battlefield. I'm not actually a hundred percent sure he IS hispanic but I think he might be so he can stay here on this list until I learn otherwise.

  • I know nothing about this character. But I hear great things about this game, and something about the idea of a Latino AI program just puts a bemused smirk on my face everytime. It's so unlike the "usual" AI avatars. Big points for originality.

  • Yanno there's just something about this demented backstabbing psycho bitch that you just love to hate. And she always makes me laugh. And wet myself just a little.

  • One of Ding's best RAINBOW operatives. Team sniper and a very competent liutenant.

  • Leader of an entire civilization's worth of Space marines badass enough to lay claim to the name "Spartans".

  • Technically she's a catgirl, but the name hints to having SOME hispanic heritage in her background. Laia solidly and reliably kicks ass in the game. If memory serves she weilds a spear and is one of the better warriors available in the game.

  • I'm not even sure if he should go here because back in GTA3 he was exposed to be a caucasian. His character art and all post-GTA3 dialogue makes him seem hispanic regardless. There ARE in fact white hispanics so that could be a possible explanation(though that would clash with his character-art which shows him to have an obvious brown skin color). Until this discrepancy is explained he shall remain a candidate for this list. He's fun, funny, and a pimp. And he brings "de passhone" everywhere he goes.

  • The game isn't even out yet, but I am trying to be optimistic. I am hoping that Angel will be a bonafide badass. Unlike the little twerp Carlos from Saints Row 2, Angel is a big bad mofo. Despite being Luchador-themed they had the good sense to omit the ridiculous mask, and he looks very physically imposing. I'm crossing my fingers on this one. C'mon Angel, don't dissapoint me! EDIT: Finally played the game. Loved it. Hulk Hogan is a lousy Voice Actor. That said I did thoroughly enjoy Angel's storyline. Even with the Luchador stuff. The over-the-top goofiness of Lucha Libre actually fits in the Saitns Row universe. Also...the dude trains by driving with tigers and lighting people on fire. But hell, he had me at "Drives with Tigers". That should totally be a new internet meme.

  • He kicks ass, and he's so insanely adorable that you just wanna melt everytime you see him.

  • I havn't played the game yet but so far I really like what I see. Badass tatoos, badass scar, cool look, sweet weapon, and he's even seen to punch his demon foes into submission on occasion. Hey anybody can kill a demon with a shapeshifting skullgun, but it takes a true badass to pimpsmack 'em barehand-style. The gratuitous use of spanglish is usually a turn off but it's just another over-the-top element in an over-the-top game and hero. His devotion to Paula is almost insane, and yet kind of cool. He'd kill the world before he let it hurt her. Makes you feel sorry for the poor sumbitch standing between Garcia and his woman.

  • Yanno, as far as international crimelords go this guy was kinda respectable. He just wanted to save his little girl. And how does the backstabbing little wench repay him? She helps kill him! Kids...what are they good for?

  • Vamp is never indicated to actually be hispanic, but the real life model/dancer his image is based upon is a Spanish flamenco/ballet dancer so I'm gonna put him in. We all know that Vamp was by far the scariest sumbitch in the Metal Gear franchise. None of the Snakes could touch him, and Raiden had to turn himself into a digitgrade-legged cyborg just to be able to have a 50/50 shot...and even then he needed Snake and Naomi providing background support and disabling Vamp's nanites. Vamp was a freakin' beast. Yeah his freaky ass love triangle with Fortune and her Father(her freakin' FATHER) weirded me right the hell out. But when you're this badass, I can forgive that.

  • I'm not 100% sure he is hispanic. Alot of people on various MK Forums think he is though, so i'll take their word for it for now. He's a fairly minor character. Not all that impressive frankly. To be honest the only reason he's here is that there's nothing glaringly wrong with him, and he's not a Luchador. My bar for hispanics in fighting games is set so low now that "Not a Luchador" is almost enough all by itself to get you on the cool list nowadays.

  • The ACTUAL primary protagonist of this game(Who doesn't rate his own page OR a spot on the cover of the game itself...but the white secondary protagonist rates for both apparently) is a pretty cool and likable hispanic hero(Though you wouldn't know it from his name). He's mistaken for native american, but both biological parents are mexicans. He had a tough upbringing, being routinely beaten by his stepfather and constantly blamed for things he didn't do. As a result he undergoes a process very few hispanics in games ever get aquainted with called "Character Developement". Hot Diggity. He remains a pretty good hearted hero who's damn quick on the draw and uses a whip Indiana-style. Gotta love it.

  • He is mistakenly beleived by many players(including myself until recently) to be descended from Ray McCall, but he is actually descended from William "Billy" Candle and(Presumably) Molly Ferguson. Despite the name, Billy was a full blooded Mexican(and fairly well rounded heroic character with a compelling storyline). Most fans assume Billy changed his last name to McCall at some point to honor the sacrifice of his Step-Uncle Ray, and married his primary love interest Molly. Their son in turn fathered Ben here in 1953. Ben is more of a "spiritual successor" to Ray, but he's descended from Billy. That makes him Latino enough for me.

  • He's a dirty corrupt douchebag...but the kind of character you love to hate. He's a "Vic Mackey" kind of cop(Well, DEA agent). That should say it all right there. It's a shame that every ending for him sucks, but it's also kind of fitting. Still all in all I liked his story. He's no hero by any stretch of the imagination but he's quite a character. The game itself is...flawed. But I can't fault the story.

  • An ass-stomping badass mofo who's almost more heavily built outside his armor than in it. Almost. He's also a cool guy, a great's just sad that by the time he enters the story he's hopelessly overshadowed by characters we've all had more time to get attached to. Sigh.

  • Although Steve is a fairly minor character in the overall game he does get a surprising amount of developement and it turns out he's a pretty cool guy. Very down to earth, very normal. It's strange but in a game like Mass Effect that really makes him stand out. And they made him stand out in a good, fleshed out, likable way. I like that they managed to dodge every possible stereotype of a gay man, and they actually made a heterosexual man who finds non-lesbian gay sex magnificently icky kinda want to see how his story would play out if romanced. Thank goodness for youtube. I really felt bad for him when he described how his husband died. Well done Bioware.