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    Angel is a character in The King of Fighters franchise. She debuted in KOF2001 as part of the villainous NESTS Team.

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    Angel (pronounced Ahn-hehl) is a 19-year-old NESTS agent hailing from Mexico. Her fighting style is described as "Perfunctory." 
    Angel is said to have been realized "through the overwhelming passion of her designer," with his preferences present in "almost every aspect of her." She has an official bust size of 92cm, matched only by Shermie in The King of Fighters series.


    Angel is assigned to watch K9999, who himself is tasked with the termination of K'. However, near the end of the tournament, the duo instead go after Kula Diamond. Foxy is injured in the resulting encounter, though she, Kula and Diana escape.
    However, with SNK Playmore's vocal disapproval of K9999, culminating in the creation of Nameless to replace him in King of Fighters 2002UM, it is unknown whether Angel's story or even the character herself is still canon to KOF.

    Fighting Techniques

    Angel doesn't utilize a traditional fighting style. She focuses on fairly fast moves with a very slight preference toward kicking techniques. 
    Her moveset is very unique thanks to her Unchain Circle. The Unchain Circle is a very complicated dial-a-combo-esqe move that has very strict, specific rules on which moves can be used in what order.  A similar system would later be adopted by Momoko.

    2P = A+C (LP+HP)
    2K = B+D (LK+HK)
    QCF = d, df, f / 236
    QCB = d,db, b / 214
    DP = f, d, df / 623 
    RDP = b, d, db / 421
    HCF = b,db,d,df,f / 41236
    HCB = f,df, d, db, b / 63214   

    (Movelist primarily based on The King of Fighters 2002UM)

    Command Normals

    • Senseless Chatter: Activated by pressing f+LP. Angel performs a waist-level spin kick.
    • At Wasteland: By pressing d+HK in the air, Angel performs a fast, short-ranged knee attack.

    Special Moves - Normal

    • Red Sky of Yaponesia: A hit-grab performed by HCB+K. Angel quickly slides along the ground; if she successfully makes contact with the opponent, she catches the opponent with her legs and kicks them away.
    • Mad Murder Roulette: A command grab performed with RDP+K. She grabs the opponent by the head, then kicks them into the air.

    Special Moves - Unchain Circle

    UC Rules

    • The Unchain Circle is started by an Unchain Starting move. The player can then cancel into one of the six Unchain Circle moves.
    • A UC move can be canceled into move listed directly above or below it. The list loops, meaning that the first listed move can be canceled in to the last listed move and vice versa. The player cannot use the same move twice in a single UC combo.
    • The player can finish the combo with either an Unchained Circle Finishing Move, or the Loyalty Test for Liberalists Desperation Move.

    UC Starting Move

    • Formalist Blue: Performed by df+LK. Angel steps forward and performs a low kick (in appearance only; it can be blocked standing).
    • Citizen of World: Angel uses an axe kick when df+HK is pressed.
    • Senseless Fist: Performed by b, f+K. Angel pivots on one foot while performing a far-reaching kick with the other.
    • Repun Kamui: Angel performs a gut punch while simultaneously stomping on the ground. Activated with QCB+P.
    • Beyond Flames: By pressing HCF+K, Angel performs a normal run. If she makes contact with the enemy, she attempts to warp behind them.

    UC Move

    • 1 - Bye Bye Rogue: By pressing u+P, Angel performs an open-handed uppercut.
    • 2 - Impotence Symptom: Performed with d+K. Angel jumps forward and then performs a low kick.
    • 3 - Buggy and Coffin: Angel performs a downward punch with f+P. It must be blocked with standing up.
    • 4 - Shelter from Storm: Activated with u+K. Angel performs a fast, high-reaching side kick.
    • 5 - Train to See Cherry Blossoms: Angel will perform a low sliding punch when d+P is pressed.
    • 6 - With a Lamp for Pathway: Upon pressing f+K, Angel will jump forward and attack with an aerial kick.

    UC Special Move

    • Oomagatoki: Pressing LK+HP+HK after any UC move will cause Angel to spin around. If forward or back is held while performing this move, Angel will jump into the air while moving in the direction that was input. This can be followed up by a UC finishing move.

    UC Finishing Move

    • Crown Under Sky: Performed with f,f+LP. Angel performs a fast uppercut that launches the opponent into the air.
    • State of Heat Haze: Angel performs a short front flip, coming down with one foot after the other; the second foot hits twice and must be blocked standing. It is performed with f, f+K.
    • Full Moon Evening: When f, f+HP is pressed, Angel rears back before unleashing a forward-moving, unblockable punch.
    • Cosmic Futen Swing: If the UC combo is finished with QCF+LP, Angel leaps into the air. If she successfully makes contact with the opponent, she performs a handstand on top of them before whipping them away. 
    • Lost Homeland: A command grab that can activated if the player uses QCF+HP. Angel grabs the enemy, jumps into the air, and kicks them away.
    • Beyond Flames: Exactly the same as the UC Starter move.

    Desperation Moves

    • Loyalty Test for Liberalists: Performed with a fairly unconventional motion - b, DP+P. It is a typical SNK autocombo super. The regular version ends with a Crown Under Sky, while the Super version (performed with b, DP+2P) ends with a State of Heat Haze followed by a Full Moon Evening.
    • Winds Fairground / Blue Monday Parade: Both Super Desperation Moves are activated the same way; by pressing b, DP+2K Angel will lift her leg up and wait for an opponent's attack. Winds Fairground activates against a ground attack, where she performs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's famous combo consisting of three punches, a hand raise, and a powerful fourth punch. Blue Monday Parade activates against an aerial attack, which sees Angel slamming her opponent to the ground in a manner somewhat similar to the same wrestler's "Rock Bottom" finisher. In the original 2002, Survivors Banquet is performed as a free followup to Blue Monday Parade; 2002UM removes this, instead allowing her to perform it after any knockdown.
    • Survivors Banquet: Her Hidden Super Desperation Move. It is performed by pressing d, d, d+HP+HK in close proximity of an opponent lying on the ground. If performed correctly, she will strike a pose, point to both sides, warp twice and perform "The Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment," the People's Elbow.

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