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    K' was abducted by NEST and infused with Kyo's DNA. Unable to control the flames on his own, he uses a special glove to regulate his power. His name is pronounced "Kay-Dash".

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    K' lost all his memories as a young man when he was abducted by NESTS. They injected K' with DNA from Kyo Kusanagi, one of the most powerful fighters in the world, in order to give him fire abilities of the Kusanagi clan. However, K' betrays NESTS when he realizes he is being used and tries to extract his revenge on the Nests for erasing his memories and using him for their experiments. K' enters the King of Fighters tournaments in order to track down NESTS members and defeat them. K' also partners with Maxima, who went through the same thing as K' and is also trying to get his revenge.


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