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    Kusanagi is an evil duplicate of Kyo that was created by the Yata Mirror.

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    Tales of Ash

    In 2003 Chizuru Kagura once again hosts the King of Fighters tournament. She teams with Kyo Kusanagi & Iori Yagami but are there as the Orochi seal is mysteriously weakening. The group come face to face with Maki Kagura & Kusanagi who have been created/restored via the Yata Mirror.

    Botan, a member of Those From the Past, has placed a spell on Chizuru and had her create the copies. When the copies are defeated they come face to face with Mukai whom they narrowly defeat. However Chizuru's power (the Yata Mirror) is then stolen by Ash Crimson. The fates of the mirror copies is unclear after this event.


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