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    Shoes have been around for thousands of years and will continue to exist as long as feet do.

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    General Information

    Shoes have been around since about 8000 to 7000 BC. Shoes will be here forever in some form. They play a vital role in video games. Almost every character you can think of has worn some form of shoes from Mario to Master Chief. There are all kinds of shoes: running shoes, basketball shoes, working shoes, and tennis shoes. Shoes protect your feet. Shoes are made from leather, canvas, wood, rubber, plastics, and many other things. With the advent of mass production most of the world's population now wears shoes. Shoe sizes and how they are measured vary from country to country.

    The Video Game Part

    Ok so people wear shoes and video games have them. So what? The important part about shoes is their role in the larger system of video game items, loot, and powerups. Games that use shoes in a significant manner are those that place focus on shoes as doing something other than being there. In Paper Mario, they serve as an equipable item that helps Mario traverse certain surfaces and do extra damage. Serious Sam has a pair of converse shoes that serve as a super-speed power-up. Any RPG, like Oblivion, that allows the player to customize which boots or shoes they wear are also included in this group.


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