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    High Heels

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    Making a girl look taller and hotter at the same time.

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    High heels are a type of footwear that are commonly worn by women. The shoe is designed to have a normal fit around the toes, but to have a rising middle area, followed with a high spike, or heel. High Heel shoes come in different styles and forms, but the most common and easy brackets for fitting the designs into are:

    • Stilettos: Extremely high and thin heeled shoes. These are most commonly associated with more ' sexualised women', though this is not always the case.
    • Wedge: The wedge design for a heeled shoe is more prevalent for a sandal, but they do exist for standard shoes. In short, a wedge has the 'gap' between the front of a shoe and the heel filled in with a large wedge.
    • Pump: Pump shoes are the most common form of high heels, and they are also known as court shoes. Regardless, they are a standard design along with a heel.
    • Platform: Platform heels are a form of heel that has a platform sole, which is much thicker than normal. This allows the shoe to have an even higher heel than normal.

    High Heel shoes make women appear to be taller than they are, and this is a reason for why they are so popular among women.

    Modern Heels

    Throughout recent years, high heels have increased and decreased in popularity. With the increased manufacturing capabilities of modern years, the production of high heels has increased, and more styles that were p

    Black high heeled shoes
    Black high heeled shoes

    reviously unheard of, have become reality. Typically, there has been much discussion on the subject of high heels, as the raised design of the heel is meant to cause problems for people who frequently wear them. Among the complaints are that heels alter how a wearer walks, and that they can cause severe foot pain. Despite all the arguments associated with high heels, they remain a popular form of footwear for women. High heels can make women appear taller, and this is part of their main appeal. Along with this, they are a frequently sexualized item, and can make women look hotter and more appealing to men.


    Generally, high heels are occasionally worn in games by some women. They are not worn by all women, however, and are occasionally used for sexualized women. Depending on the game, high heels can occasionally be purchased to customise a female character.


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