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    Sisters of Battle

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    The Sisters of Battle, or the Orders Militant, are a part of the religious group of females known as the Adepta Sororitas. They are often called in to aid the Inquisition's Ordo Hereticus in their duties.

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    One of the most zealous organizations within the Imperium of Man, the Sisters of Battle are known for being among the most fanatically devoted to the God Emperor of Mankind and his causes, often cited as being even more fervent in their duties than the Adeptus Astartes. They are often called upon to hunt down rogue psykers, root out and destroy heretics and to spread the word of the Immortal God Emperor through any means deemed necessary. A great deal of their time is spent either waging war, hunting down the unclean or praying to the Emperor. 
    They answer to the Ecclesiarchy and serve as its fighting force, called in to root out corruption and heresy wherever it may lie in the Imperium. Because of their special talents and skills they have a longstanding positive relationship with the Imperial Inquisition's own Ordo Hereticus, the two organizations often working together to hunt down and eradicate the impure. While the Sisters of Battle function primarily as a military order, there are several other groups of the Adepta Sororitas devoted to less destructive tasks, such as the the Orders Dialogous, who are tasked with acquiring and translating of both human and alien texts, the Orders Hospitaller, who serve as doctors or nurses in areas where they are needed, or the Orders Famulous, who are assigned to a Planetary Governor or other important figure as an advisor or aide.
    The Sisters of Battle are known for their unwavering resolve and heavy preference for deploying flame and melta based weaponry, believing in its abilities to purify the enemies of the Emperor. They wade into combat clad in powered suits of ceramite armor like those employed by the Adeptus Astartes but on a smaller, less impressive scale, and are incapable of interfacing with their suits of armor in the way the Space Marines can. As such, their physical protection is greater than many of the Imperium's other armed forces, but they are unable to make full use of the armor's capabilities, their performance and combat capabilities in line with those of a "normal" human. They balance this out with the ability to call upon their faith to manifest itself physically, performing incredible miracles on the battlefield that strike awe and fear into the hearts of anything that witnesses them, such as healing them through minor or moderate wounds to completely nullifying the powers of enemy pskyers.
    Primarily equipped with the holy Bolter, the Sisters of Battle also employ a variety of other wargear and warmachines, such as: 
    The Heavy Bolter, a two handed, man portable heavy machine gun capable of spitting out explosive rounds at a devastating rate.
    The Flamer and Heavy Flamer, flamethrowers that use a super heavy napalm equivalent to burn enemies alive, even through several inches of armor.
    The Meltagun or Multi-Melta, weaponry designed to superheat anything on the receiving end in a matter of seconds to the point of near vaporization, reducing even heavy vehicles to molten pools of slag within moments.
    The Rhino, a heavy duty yet fast and efficient armored transport carrier.
    The Exoricist, a mobile artillery platform that fires its payload via a pipe organ attached to the back of a tank or Rhino chassis.
    The Penitent Engine, a walker piloted by a captured and often heavily tortured heretic literally hardwired into the walker's frame and sent out into battle to seek repentance and forgiveness through death, both the enemy's and their own.


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