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    Power Armor

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    Power armor (also referred to as a powered exoskeleton) is a form of full-body armor, that uses electronics and micromachinery to enhance the wearer's performance.

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    The goal of power armor is to transform a regular human being into a superhuman force of destruction. Whether talking about terminator armor in Warhammer 40,000, or the Master Chief's Mjolnir armor, the armor's purpose is the same, soak up as much damage as possible and allow the wearer to engage the enemy without fear. One potential drawback of certain power armor designs is that mobility may be lacking due to the bulk of the armor itself, but this is often compensated for with firepower capable of killing any threat before it gets close enough to do any real damage. Lighter armors can give the wearer mobility and agility that a normal human simply cannot accomplish. Jumping over tall buildings or bounding from roof to roof could be accomplished with jump jets or powered leg servos. If there is a situation that needs to be a tackled, a power armor can be designed to meet that challenge. Weapon systems can either be integrated into the suit itself or give the wearer the strength to wield weapons heavier or bulkier than a normal man could reasonably handle. Power armor represents the pinnacle of battlefield technology.

    Power Armor In Fallout

    Power Armor in Fallout is uncommon to most wastelanders, mainly worn by military apparatus organizations such as the Brotherhood of Steel and The Enclave. The player must be trained by the Brotherhood to wear Power Armor.

    Power Armor is the best infantry defense ever created in the Fallout universe. It was created by the US military in 2065 to make an infantry soldier into somewhat of a walking tank.

    Power Armor In Warhammer 40k

    Power armor of the space marines is used in conjunction with the black carapace implant allowing the the Space marines armor to move as if it were part of the space marine body. Sisters of Battle and the Inquisitors do not use the implant.


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