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Baldur is heavily based on the Norse god of the same name. The youngest of Odin's children, Baldur is often regarded as the kindest, most humane of the gods. He considers his ties to humanity a great strength, where others believe he should shed such beliefs, and embrace the technological enhancements most other gods have undergone. Tasked with tracking down a robot that shows very biological traits, Baldur is forced to ask himself whether he remains human, or embraces technology, granting him greater power, but at the same time making him more akin to the monsters he is trying to stop.


  • Baldur was chosen to be the main protagonist as he is the god with the least amount of focus put onto him in Norse Mythology. This vague, blank slate allowed the designers a greater creative freedom.
  • In the opening scene of Too Human, a robot known as Grendel attacks a bar, leaving only when Baldur cuts off the monsters arm. This is a direct parallel of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.

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