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    Fascism is a extremist totalitarian, nationalistic political ideology. Within video games, various fascist regimes are often portrayed as the enemy within the Second World War.

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    Fascism is a radicalized political ideology, relying on an authoritarian government and nationalist aims. The main aim of Fascism is to create a single-party state, whereupon one government will rule with absolute power. It aims to achieve mass mobilization of a nation’s people, via the methods of indoctrination, family policy, and physical education. Perhaps the best known example of a fascist country is Nazi Germany, though Benito Mussolini’s Italy was also a fascist nation. Fascists aim to purge anything that they feel degenerates the nation’s rebirth, intending to keep their racial ties strong via different means. Fascist governments suppress opposition to their ideals, meaning that political enemies would likely be executed.

    One key aspect of fascism is a promotion of war. It is seen as a form of national regeneration, in order to restrengthen the country and assert its place within the world, with conflict being seen as the catalyst for human progress. It is felt that conflict is an unavoidable part of human life and one that must be partaken in, in order to progress. Fascism opposes most other political ideologies, including Capitalism, to a certain degree. Unsurprisingly, one key aspect of Fascism is that it rejects Communism. During World War I, the ideals of Fascism were formed by Italian nationalists, combining views from both the left and right wing parties. During the 1920s, it became clear that the ideology was deviating more strongly to the right, with most scholars and politicians viewing it in this manner. The other theory commonly accepted is that it is an extremist central ideology.

    Both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler were fascist leaders, with Mussolini having been known as the "Father of Fascism" due to Italy’s place as the first ever fascist country. It is unsurprising that most games portray fascism as an antagonistic quality, and therefore pitches those who follow it as enemies. World War II games often use the Nazis as the primary enemies due to the views of the Nazi Party, though these views were not always held by the soldiers fighting for their country themselves.


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