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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 27, 2017

    BJ's back in America.

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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a sci-fi historical-fantasy first-person shooter developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 27, 2017. A Nintendo Switch port, developed by Panic Button, was later released on June 29, 2018.

    The direct sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, The New Colossus is set five months after William "B.J." Blazkowicz and the revived Kreisau Circle put an end to the plans of Nazi general Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse in an alternate-historical 1960, leaving Blazkowicz critically injured. After waking up from a comatose state and repelling an assault on the Kreisau Circle's base (the commandeered Nazi U-boat "Eva's Hammer") using Caroline Becker's Power Suit, Blazkowitcz and his band of resistance fighters must work to liberate the United States of America from Nazi occupation while recruiting new members and being hunted down by Nazi commander Frau Engel.

    Built on id Tech 6 (the same used for the 2016 revival of Doom), The New Colossus builds on its predecessor while overhauling several mechanics (including the perk and collectibles system) and adding new features (including a weapon upgrade system and the ability to dual-wield separate weapon types). It also features the entirety of Wolfenstein 3D emulated as an easter egg (as the in-universe arcade game "Wolfstone 3D", modified with the roles reversed).

    The game also received three short downloadable campaigns between December 2017 and March 2018, known as "The Freedom Chronicles". Set shortly after the events of the main game, each campaign focuses on the story of a different unrelated protagonist (American athlete Joseph Stallion, British assassin Jessica Valiant, and American soldier Jerry Wilkins). It also received a standalone expansion in 2019, as Wolfenstein: Youngblood.



    Half-way through the game, Blazkowicz can choose between one of three "Contraptions" to unlock. Each contraption adds a new ability for him to use, along with special passive perks. Additional contraptions can be found in special side missions late in the game.

    • Constrictor Harness - Allows him to silently access narrow openings and passages by constricting his torso. Prolonged use in this state damages him due to suffocation. Focused on stealth, passive perks include Silent Step (silencing his normal movement and making sprinting quieter), Terror-Billy (briefly slowing down time when an enemy detects him while in stealth), and the unlockable Iron Lung (increasing the time before suffocation damage).
    • Ram Shackles - Allows him to sprint into cracked walls and metal grates to smash through them. Also allows him to spring into enemies to knock them down (or gib them outright). Focused on mayhem, passive perks include Sturdy (making him no longer knocked over by explosions), Cannon Arm (which increases the velocity of thrown grenades and hatchets), and the unlockable Mechanic (allowing him to regenerate armor).
    • Battle Walker - Allows him to toggle tall metal stilts for improved verticality. Focused on tactics, passive perks include Quick Draw (slowing down time when the weapon wheel is active), Adrenaline (which grants health after killing an enemy), and the unlockable Stamina (allowing him to retain overcharged health by not taking damage).


    Standard Weapons

    • Pistole - Semi-automatic pistol. Upgrades include the Extended Magazine (for double magazine size and capacity), the Suppressor (for silenced firing), and the Magnum alternate-fire mode (sacrificing recoil control and silenced firing for additional firepower).
    • Machinenpistole - Fully-automatic sub-machine gun. Upgrades include the Drum Magazine (for double magazine size and capacity), the Integral Suppressor (for silenced firing), and the Nailgun alternate-fire mode (where bullets are supercharged, sacrificing firing rate, recoil control, and velocity for additional firepower).
    • Sturmgewehr - Fully-automatic assault rifle. Upgrades include the Armor Piercing Rounds (for improved effectiveness against armored and mechanical enemies), the Jungle Magazine (for double magazine size and capacity), and the Marksman Scope alternate-fire mode (where, along with a flipped-up scope,
    • Schockhammer - Fully-automatic shotgun. Upgrades include the Extended Magazine (for double magazine size and capacity), the Ricochet (changing bullets to shrapnel that ricochet off of hard surfaces), and the Rotor alternate-fire mode (where all three barrels are fired at once).
    • Kampfpistole - Semi-automatic handheld grenade launcher with a six-grenade drum magazine. Upgrades include the Shoulder Stock (for improved recoil), the Spring Loader (allowing it to be charged up by holding the trigger, firing up to two additional grenades in quick succession), and the Rocket alternate-fire mode (where grenades are not affected by gravity and explode on impact).


    Based on the LaserKraftWerk from the original game, Blazkowicz has access to one of two powerful weapon prototypes unique to him: the LaserKraftWerk and the DieselKraftWerk. Whichever weapon he receives is based on the timeline chosen (LKW for the Fergus timeline and DKW for the Wyatt timeline).

    • LaserKraftWerk - Fires high-energy laser beams that can instantly melt thin metal surfaces (including crates and vents). Its alternate-fire upgrade is Scope, which toggles a scope for longer-ranged combat. Can be recharged with electrical charging stations.
    • DieselKraftWerk - Fires diesel-filled explosive canisters that stick to surfaces and detonates remotely. The canisters also explode on impact (either when it hits an enemy or when dual-wielded). Its alternate-fire upgrade is Ignition Muzzle, which instead acts like a blow torch that can silently carve holes on thin metal surfaces (including crates and vents). Can be recharged with fuel charging stations.

    Both versions have the same two passive upgrades: one which doubles the weapon's capacity (Battery Upgrade / Extended Tank) and one which allows the weapon to be charged up for additional power/canisters (Supercharge).

    Heavy Weapons

    • Laserhammer - Fires a continuous stream of high-energy laser after a short charge period. Can instantly melt thin metal surfaces (including crates and vents) and is very effective against mechanical enemies. Can be recharged with electrical charging stations.
    • Dieselhammer - Fires clumps of ignited diesel that can set enemies on fire. Can be recharged with fuel charging stations.
    • Hammergewehr - Fires shotgun shells in rapid succession.
    • Überhammer - Only found in rare occasions. Combines laser energy with diesel fire to launch a large spherical energy blast that explodes, vaporizing everything nearby. Uses two combined ammo types, one recharged with electrical charging stations and one recharged with fuel charging stations.

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