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2017 Top 5

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  • I've owned and played every mainline Mario game since the first but the last one I finished was Mario 64. I enjoyed the later games but always set them aside after a few hours having had my fill. It says a lot that I'm still playing Odyssey after having reached the credits. This game is joyous to play and may actually be the best Mario game ever made.

  • This game really blindsided me in a number of ways. I didn't know it existed till a few days ago and it was so amazing that I had to remove something from this list to get it on here. It feels like a huge leap forward in how a story can be told in video games and it repeatedly accomplishes environmental storytelling in ways that feel like magic due to its excellent execution and seamless integration. Beyond the technical achievements, the story itself is also very good. This is just an incredible thing that more people should see.

  • I almost just want to leave this at "killing Nazis" but ironically, that part of the game isn't very good. I mean, it's great to kill Nazis but I felt like the actual shooting in the game was good and not great. The area this game really shines in and the reason why its on this list is the story. It's fucking incredible in its audacity as well as its ability for you to take it all in without scoffing at it. If I had a Top 5 moments list, I wouldn't be surprised if this game took almost all of them. What a ride.

  • This game was just fun to play. I've grown pretty tired of Metroidvania style games and this game can best be categorized as one of those so I came into it not expecting much. Literally the only reason I picked it up was to have something to play on the Switch while I waited for the next big thing. This game felt like a great way to relax and explore around. It felt like a nice warm bath and I really appreciate the hell out of it in this hellish year.

  • This game came out early this year and it just blew me away. This is the best Zelda game. The sense of discovery and exploration this game gives you has no equal. This is the new bar that all future open world games have to compete against in terms of how fun, exciting, and rewarding it is to explore and I can't imagine anything coming close for a long while. What a goddamn masterpiece.