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  • Having never played 2 at the time of its original release, this game was a completely new experience for me. I've played a number of later games in the series and the story was always a bit too off the rails for my taste. This game does begin to go places but it feels a lot more grounded than the later games and benefits greatly from it. It controls better than any Resident Evil game I've played before it and the map system is tremendously helpful. Overall just an immensely enjoyable game.

  • This mobile game absolutely nails what it's going for both in terms of gameplay and narrative. The puzzles feel good to solve and provided me with just the right amount of challenge. The stories don't overstay their welcome and all finish beautifully.

  • Yes there are flaws with how this game handles some ideas but I'm so happy that it tries to tackle them at full speed rather than hedging bets. This game gave me what I thought I was getting with the original Mass Effect trilogy or the Telltale Walking Dead games in that the things you say and do really feel like you're creating your own personal story and not simply one that everyone experiences with slight variances. The characters that inhabit this world feel fleshed out to an extent I don't believe I've seen before in games and my interactions with them feel natural rather than just moving through a dialog tree. What a fucking thing this game is.

  • I have never felt the sense of exploration and discovery in a game as strongly as I do in this one. This game is the polar opposite from a game like No Man's Sky in that everywhere you go is precisely constructed to be exactly so and it turns out, that's way more what I want from a space exploration game than an infinite number of randomly generated worlds. The story is fantastic and it perfectly sticks the landing. Also, I didn't know about the map board till I was half-way through the game and I think that actually worked out really well for me because just as I was beginning to run out of things to organically explore, I had a loose set of objectives to track down. Just fantastic.

  • Shiiiiiiit. Not since Doom3/Half-Life 2 did I get as wowed by new graphical features as I have playing this game with a RTX card. Even without that extra graphical flourish, this game is brilliant but with that additional layer of polish, I was just constantly blown away by what this game was doing. The game's world building is as good as I've ever seen and it plays like a superhero game in the best sense. And that one part with the music. Holy fucking shit.