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They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these monstrosities.

-- Doom manual

 Cacodemon sprites
Cacodemon sprites

The Cacodemon resembles a flying tomato with horns and a single eye. They first appear in the first level of Episode 2: The Shores of Hell, depending on the difficulty the player is on. Instruction books describe the Cacodemon as follows:

"Float in the air. Belch ball lightning, and have a horrendously huge mouth. If you get too close to one of these monstrosities, you're toast."

The Cacodemon as it appears in Doom 64.
The Cacodemon as it appears in Doom 64.

Their lightning balls dish out less damage than the Baron of Hell's fireballs, but the Cacodemon can follow the player anywhere, even up tall cliffs. They don't take too much punishment, as the shotgun, super shotgun, and chaingun are effective, and even the chainsaw has been proven to be effective if the Cacodemon is kept in it's pain state.

The Cacodemon is also in Doom 64, but design wise, it looks completely different. Instead of looking like a flying tomato, it now has darker reddish-brownish skin, a couple of arms with shackles around the wrists, and more jagged teeth. Doom 64's Cacodemons are considered to be nearly identical to the Pain Elementals from Doom 2. Attack wise, they are the same as the original Cacodemon.

Cacodemon numbers by game

Broken down by game and difficulty.

  • Difficulty 1: I'm Too Young To Die
  • Difficulty 2: Hey, Not Too Rough
  • Difficulty 3: Hurt Me Plenty
  • Difficulty 4: Ultra-Violence
  • Difficulty 5: Nightmare! (note: monsters respawn in this mode)
DoomDifficulty 1, 2Difficulty 3Difficulty 4, 5
Ultimate Doom 62 144 193
Doom II 44 121 188
TNT: Evilution 43 76 99
Plutonia 95 108 123

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