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    The fourth planet from the sun, it's proven a popular location for the demons of hell to vacation. Mars is best known as the setting for the Doom franchise as well as being an actual planet in our solar system.

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    Like Earth, it orbits our sun, Sol. Due to the red surface dust, it is often known as the red planet. Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. It is once believed to have been a habitable planet much like our planet earth, however the atmosphere has been "blown away" so-to-speak, and the water has evaporated due to the lack of a decent atmosphere, evidence of this has been uncovered by rovers deployed on Mars.

    Though no life has been found on Mars, it has long been sought out that there might be microscopic organisms located in the frozen tundras (North and South Poles) of Mars, while this might be implausible, scientist have long studied the rovers deployed on Mars to clarify such findings. Multiple Rovers have been launched to study the surface of Mars, mainly to conduct terrain analysis for colonization purposes, more notable rovers deployed on Mars are Spirit and Oppurtunity, once these robotic devices have finished analysis, a manned-flight to Mars will be attempted by a joint space program.


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