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Maybe cybernetics wasn't such a great idea after all. Look what the demons have done with it. It seems unfair somehow you're not the only guy in Hell with a plasma gun.

-- Doom II manual

The Arachnotron monster is first introduced in Doom II in the seventh map, Dead Simple.

Arachnotron numbers by game

Broken down by game and difficulty.

Difficulty 1: I'm Too Young To DieDifficulty 2: Hey, Not Too RoughDifficulty 3: Hurt Me PlentyDifficulty 4: Ultra-Violence

Difficulty 5: Nightmare! (note: monsters respawn in this mode)

DoomDifficulty 1, 2Difficulty 3Difficulty 4, 5
Doom II 15 41 64
TNT: Evilution 29 52 57
Plutonia 68 87 94

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