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    A prostitute and friendly NPC in Bloodborne.

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    Arianna is a friendly NPC the player can eventually choose to send to either the Cathedral Ward chapel or Iosefka's clinic. She is first met behind the door of her home, telling the player character her services as a prostitute aren't available during a Hunt. Upon returning, she will then ask if the player knows of any safe havens to take shelter in. From there the player can potentially tell her of either the chapel or the clinic, so long as they have already talked to the blind man in the chapel and Iosefka at her clinic before hand.

    If sent to the chapel she will then reside there for the majority of the game. When talked to she will offer the player a blood vial made from her own blood. It can heal a larger percentage of health than a regular vial and will also grant the player a temporary boost to their stamina recovery. However only one can be carried at a time. Arianna for a time will always be willing to give the player another vial should they have used it up, though after beating Rom she will no longer give the player a blood vial due to her feeling sick. Once Micolash has been killed, Arianna will now reside in the Tomb of Oedon just below the chapel. There she will be sitting with what appears to be a baby Great One, with the implication that she had in fact somehow become impregnated and gave birth to the creature. Speaking to Arianna will only have her respond with crazed laughter and tears, noting the degradation of her mental state. Killing the creature will award the player with a Third Umbilical Cord item, however even should the player only attack the creature Arianna will still die as well. Arianna will drop her shoes upon her death, which can be worn by the player.

    If Arianna is sent to Iosefka's Clinic, then should the player enter the clinic via the shortcut from the Forbidden Woods, one of the blue aliens that can be encountered in there will drop Arianna's Shoes upon its death, suggesting that was Arianna after being experimented on by Iosefka.


    • A duplicate of Arianna's dress can be found to wear (for both genders) in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle.

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