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    Nameless is the 9,999th clone of K', and works for NESTS so that he might have a chance to resurrect his lover.

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    Character Conception

    The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match sought to include every single character from The King of Fighters '99 through the original 2002; however, to do this SNK Playmore would be required to include K9999, who is said to be "a scary character to deal with" thanks to his explicit similarities to Akira's Tetsuo Shima. In order to keep K9999's playstyle in the game without actually including him, SNKP created an entirely new character who could essentially retcon K9999 out of existence: Nameless.

    Character History

    Nameless is the 9,999th clone of K'. He is the only survivor of "Project Ж" that created him. He was identified by NEST as "Ж". The clones were all subjected to Kyo Kusanagi's DNA to try and produce fire wielders. The majority of Ж's brothers either exploded ore were horribly burned due to this procedure.

    During his testing he came into contact with another test subject known as Isolde. Ж fell in love with the girl who was a part of the Anti-K program NESTS was developing. Isolde was capable of pacifying the Kusanagi flame within Ж and when she unexpectedly died, her DNA was grafted to Nameless' glove to solve this issue.

    Nameless continues to serve NESTS in the hopes of somehow being reunited with Isolde.

    Fighting Style

    Nameless' fighting style relies heavily on the training he recieved from NESTS, his instincts & his Pyrokinesis.


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