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    Countdown Vampires

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 21, 2000

    All manner of Resident Evil clonification is present here, as Detective Keith J. Snyder is tasked with clearing the Desert Moon Hotel and Casino of vampires. The game spans two discs, contains branching story paths, and is described as inducing "COOL-SHOCK" by the developer.

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    The gameplay in Countdown Vampires is extremely reminiscent of the Resident Evil series; it is a third-person action game with survival horror elements. Throughout the game there are a number of puzzles the player is tasked with solving in order to progress. The player is initially given a tranquilizer gun that enables the player to incapacitate the enemy for a short time allowing the player to sprinkle them with “white water” which will restore humanity to the foe. Later in the game though the player will find a number of more lethal handgun, shotguns, etc. that will eliminate enemy characters in a much faster way than using the dart gun.

    Countdown Vampires has a number of familiar enemy types, the most prevalent being the Vampire, while also including Werewolves, Giant Mantis creatures, giant purple Slime Monster blob beings, huge mutant Frog-like monster, and vampire Bats.


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