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    E3 1997

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    The 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) took place at the Georgia World Congress Center and Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia on June 19-21.

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    After two years in Los Angeles, E3 came to Atlanta in 1997. Atlanta was somewhat of a popular city at the time, having just played host to the Olympics in 1996 and sporting a brand new football stadium, the Georgia Dome, which was a venue used by the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, and other special events. The Dome was used for hundreds of booths for smaller companies, similar to that of Kentia Hall in L.A. Right next door to the Georgia Dome is the Georgia World Congress Center, a massive, multi-level convention center that housed the larger publishers' booths. The Georgia Dome and The GWCC would be the home for E3 in 1997 and 1998.

    E3 1997 was all about the games. The Sega Saturn was struggling to its second anniversary, PlayStation was over a year old, and the Nintendo 64 had just released the previous holiday season. So with all the hardware out of the way, the focus was on the software. The only hardware talk was on the PC front, where Intel had just announced the Pentium II, and 3dfx was presenting a new line of video cards. As for the games, the highlights of the show included the debuts of Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, GoldenEye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Half-Life. Other notable titles on display in the depths of the GWCC were Final Fantasy VII, PaRappa the Rapper, Crash Bandicoot 2, Tomb Raider II, Daikatana, and Starcraft.

    Games of the Show

    The games listed below not only include those playable on the show floor, but any game referenced at the show. This would include video presentations, announcements, advertisements, or any other official reference to the game from its developer, publisher, or platform. They are listed mainly according to the publisher of the game, with a few exceptions where the publisher did not attend the show. An example of this would be a hardware company such as Nintendo or nVidia showing a game not developed or published by them. In several situtations, games either changed their title or even their publisher before they were released. For historical accuracy in chronicling E3, such games will be listed with their original names and publishers, and linked to the corresponding page of the final game.








    Disney Interactive


    Electronic Arts

    Eidos Interactive

    GT Interactive





    MGM Interactive






    Oddworld Inhabitants



    Sierra Online



    Take Two Interactive



    Titus Interactive



    • 01 Communique
    • 2AM, Inc.
    • 3dfx Interactive, Inc.
    • 3Dlabs, Inc.
    • 47-TEK, Inc.
    • 7th Level, Inc.
    • Floating Images Inc.
    • Fox Interactive
    • France Edition
    • Freetron (Far East) Co. Lt.
    • Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
    • Full Sail Real World Education
    • FuseWorks Server, Inc.
    • Future Graph Inc.
    • G-VOX Interactive
    • Game Informer Magazine
    • Game Source Int. Inc.
    • Game Tech Marketing
    • GameFan
    • GamePro Media Group
    • GameTek, Inc.
    • GameTronics
    • Gelardi Design
    • Goldmen Electronic Co., Ltd.
    • Good Stuff Corp.
    • Govt. of Ontario, Canada
    • Grand View Products Inc.
    • Graphic Simulations
    • Great Champion International Ltd.
    • Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
    • GT Interactive
    • GT Interactive Value Products
    • IBM Consumer Division Software
    • IGNITE
    • ImageDisk
    • ImagiNation Network
    • Imagine Publishing, Inc.
    • Immersion Corporation
    • IMSI
    • Ingram Micro
    • Inner Workings
    • Innovation
    • Intel Corporation
    • Interact Accessories, A Recoton Company
    • InterAct Multimedia Products
    • Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA)
    • Interactive Fitness Inc.
    • Interactive JUMPSTART
    • Interactive Light, Inc.
    • Interactive Magic
    • Interactive Multimedia Arts & Technologies Association (IMAT)
    • Interactive Services Association
    • Interactive Visuals Systems
    • Intergraph Computer Systems
    • Internations Purchase Systems Inc.
    • Interplay Productions
    • IPI
    • Iyulu Educational Software, Inc.
    • Jack of All Games
    • Jackin Optical Technology Ltd.
    • Jaleco USA Inc.
    • JD Store Equipment
    • Joytech/L.D.A. Distribution Ltd.
    • Jump! Music
    • Jupiter Communications
    • JUST CD's INC.
    • JVC, Multimedia Studio Division
    • Oak Technology
    • Oberon Interactive Inc.
    • Ocean/Infograms Entertainment
    • Octgram
    • Oddworld Inhabitants
    • OmniMedia
    • Online Inc.
    • Opra Netware Control
    • Optimum Interactive
    • Origin Systems
    • Oser Communications Group, Inc.
    • Palladium Interactive
    • Panasonic Interactive Media
    • PC Games Publishing
    • Pengo Computer Accessories
    • Pepper's Ghost Productions
    • PFU
    • Pioneer Distributors, Inc.
    • Piranha Interactive Publishing
    • Playmates Interactive Entertainment
    • PowerVR
    • Prmier Systems, Inc.
    • Pride Interactive Media Accessories
    • Prima Publishing
    • The Princeton Review-Software Division
    • PrintPaks, Inc.
    • Pro CD, Inc.
    • Psygnosis
    • Punchline Publishing
    • Purple Moon
    • QuickShot Technology Inc.
    • Ramar International Co, Ltd.
    • Random Soft
    • Reality Quest Corporation
    • Recoton Corporation
    • The Red Herring
    • Red Lemon Studios
    • Red Orb Entertinament (A Division of Broderbund Software)
    • Rendition
    • Retail Price Week
    • Roadshow Interactive
    • Rocelco Inc.
    • Rock n' Ride
    • Rolling Stone
    • ROM-MAN Distribution
    • S.G.H. Multimedia
    • S.I. Jacobsen Mfg. Co.
    • S & I Marketing, Inc.
    • Sacis International
    • Saitek Industries, Ltd.
    • Sanctuary Woods Multimedia
    • Sanyo-Verbatim CD Company
    • SAS/Southern Audio Services
    • SC & T International, Inc.
    • Scholastic, Inc.
    • School Zone
    • Science for Kids
    • SciTech Software
    • Scottish Enterprise-The Scottish Games Alliance
    • SEGA of America
    • Segasoft
    • Siboney Learning Group
    • Sierra On-Line
    • Simon & Schuster Interactive
    • Singapore Trade Development Board
    • SingleTrac
    • Siritech Software Inc.
    • Smart Games
    • Smart TV
    • SofSource
    • SoftKat Inc.
    • Software Solutions
    • Sony Computer Entertainment America
    • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
    • Sound Ideas
    • The Source Magazine
    • SouthPeak Interactive
    • Spacetec IMC Corporation
    • Spectrum Multimedia Inc.
    • ST Labs, Inc.
    • STATS, Inc.
    • Stellar Solutions
    • Stock's Eye
    • Strata Distributing
    • Strategic Marketing Partners, Inc.
    • Strategic Simulations, Inc.
    • Studio e, Inc.
    • Summit CD Manufacture P/L
    • Sun Corporation of America / SUNSOFT
    • Suncom Technologies Inc.
    • Sunflowers GmbH
    • Super Dimesnion (Israel) Ltd.
    • SVG Distribution
    • Syracuse Language Systems
    • Take 2 Interactive Software
    • TDC Inc.
    • Tech Data
    • Technology Transfer
    • Tecmo Inc.
    • Tension Envelope Corporation
    • Test Drive Corporation
    • Theatrix Interactive
    • THQ, Inc.
    • ThrustMaster
    • Tiger Electronic Inc.
    • Titus Software Corp.
    • Tragoes
    • Transparent Language
    • TravRoute Software
    • Tri Tech Microelectronics
    • Trident Microsystems, Inc.
    • Trilobyte, Inc.
    • TSR, Inc.
    • Ubi Soft Entertainment
    • UEP International, Inc.
    • United Ad Label
    • Univenture CD Packaging & Systems
    • Utopia Technologies
    • VeriTest, Inc.
    • VI&A
    • ViaGraFix Corporation
    • Vic Tokai, Inc.
    • Victory Multimedia
    • Viewpoint DataLabs
    • Virgin Interactive
    • Virtual Entertainment
    • Virtual Studios Ltd.
    • VIS Interactive PLC
    • Vision Information Services
    • Visual Sciences Ltd.
    • VR-1, Inc.
    • W.I.T.
    • Wanderlust Interactive
    • Wave Systems Corp.
    • WebTV Networks
    • Westwood Studios
    • Wiz Technology
    • Yamaha
    • Zane Publishing
    • Ziff-Davis
    • ZigZag Multimedia
    • Zoran Corporation
    • Zykon

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