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    E3 2003

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    The 2003 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on May 14-16.

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    West Hall
    West Hall

    E3 2003 was one of those shows that only comes along every five years or so, because there was no new console hardware to be seen. It was all about the games, which tended to mean a lot of sequels, but it was still an incredibly successful event.

    While Doom 3 returned to the show floor once again, the focus of most PC gamers had turned to Half-Life 2. It was shown in a closed theater and presented by Gabe Newell himself. The lines for this presentation were understandably absurdly long. With all the talk surrounding Doom and Half-Life at the show, there was one shooter that almost got overlooked. That would be a little game called Call of Duty.

    The surprise of the pre-show press conferences in 2003 was Sony's announcement of the Playstation Portable, which seemed to be the next logical step for the company who was completely dominating the home console market in both the East and West. Sony also introduced a new peripheral for the Playstation 2 called the EyeToy, which used a camera to track players in multitude of game types. Sony also brought along sequels to both Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank, plus the always popular Gran Turismo 4.

    South Hall
    South Hall

    Microsoft's booth was headlined by a theater presentation of the rabidly-anticipated Halo 2, and although it was not playable on the show floor, the thought of online Halo matches was already getting many attendees excited. Microsoft also presented a more complete version of Lionhead's "Project Ego", now known by its official title, Fable. Then there were two other titles that unfortunately never saw the light of day, True Fantasy Live and B.C..

    Nintendo continued its focus on dominating the handheld market with titles such as Advance Wars 2, WarioWare, Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, and Metroid: Zero Mission. The big N also continued GameCube support with several franchise updates including F-Zero GX, 1080° Avalance, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and Star Fox Armada, which would later be renamed Star Fox Assault.

    Other notable titles on the show floor in 2003 included Soul Calibur II, Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe, SSX 3, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Final Fantasy X-2, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Konami had yet another video presentation of an upcoming Metal Gear Solid game that brought crowds to their booth every hour. This time, Snake appeared to be missing an eye, sneaking through the jungle, and several references to the 1960's were strewn about the trailer. We would later know this title as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

    Games of the Show

    South Hall
    South Hall

    The games listed below not only include those playable on the show floor, but any game referenced at the show. This would include video presentations, announcements, advertisements, or any other official reference to the game from its developer, publisher, or platform. They are listed mainly according to the publisher of the game, with a few exceptions where the publisher did not attend the show. An example of this would be a hardware company such as Nintendo or nVidia showing a game not developed or published by them. In several situtations, games either changed their title or even their publisher before they were released. For historical accuracy in chronicling E3, such games will be listed with their original names and publishers, and linked to the corresponding page of the final game.


    • The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse



    Activision - THUG
    Activision - THUG

    Atari / Infogrames



    Capcom - Maximo
    Capcom - Maximo



    Electronic Arts

    EA - Battlefield
    EA - Battlefield



    Konami - MGS3
    Konami - MGS3









    Nintendo - RVD/Mysterio Mario Kart
    Nintendo - RVD/Mysterio Mario Kart




    Sony - Gran Turismo 4
    Sony - Gran Turismo 4

    Sony Online Entertainment

    SOE - EverQuest II
    SOE - EverQuest II


    Take-Two Interactive





    Ubisoft - Rainbow Six 3
    Ubisoft - Rainbow Six 3

    Vivendi Universal / Blizzard / Sierra / Valve

    Valve - Counter-Strike Condition Zero
    Valve - Counter-Strike Condition Zero

    Game Critics Awards

    The Best of E3
    The Best of E3

    The Game Critics Awards are decided by an independent group of North American media outlets. They have selected the most promising games of each Electronic Entertainment Expo since 1998, and have thus become recognized as the most respected "Best of" awards that come out of the annual show. Games qualify for nomination by having hands-on playable versions of the game at the show.


    Half-Life 2 (PC) - Valve / Vivendi Universal


    Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox/ PC) - Pandemic Studios / THQ


    Half-Life 2 (PC) - Valve / Vivendi Universal


    Halo 2 (Xbox) - Bungie Studios / Microsoft


    EyeToy (PS2) - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

    • Driving Force Pro (PS2) - Logitech
    • GeForce FX 5900 (PC) - nVidia
    • Helix Gaming Device - Tapwave
    • Radeon 9800 (PC) - ATi


    Half-Life 2 (PC) - Valve / Vivendi Universal


    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (All) - Ubisoft Montreal / Ubisoft


    Soul Calibur II (PS2/Xbox/GCN) - Namco


    Fable (Xbox) - Big Blue Box / Microsoft


    Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) - Polyphony Digital / Sony Computer Entertainment


    Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox/PC) - Pandemic Studios / THQ


    Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2/Xbox/GCN) - Neversoft / Activision


    Rome: Total War (PC) - Creative Assembly / Activision


    The EyeToy Games (PS2) - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


    City of Heroes (PC) - Cryptic Studios / NCsoft


    Half-Life 2 (PC) - Valve / Vivendi Universal


    • 1C Company
    • The 3DO Company
    • A.L.S. Industries, Inc.
    • Absolute Quality (Europe) Ltd.
    • Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
    • Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
    • Action Forms Ltd.
    • Activision, Inc.
    • Addvalue Technologies
    • The Adventure Company
    • Agetec
    • AIA USA, Ltd.
    • Akella
    • Aladdin Knowledge Systems
    • Alchemy Entertainment
    • Alias/Wavefront
    • All Games & Electronics
    • All Star Gaming
    • Alliance numeriQC
    • Apple Computer
    • Argonaut Games PLC
    • Arsenal Gaming
    • Artem Digital Ltd.
    • Artifact Entertainment, Inc.
    • Ascaron Entertainment GmbH
    • ATi Technologies
    • Atlus USA, Inc.
    • Auran Games Pty Ltd.
    • Auravision LLC
    • Australia Games
    • Azuradisc
    • Babel Media Ltd.
    • Bad Development
    • Bandai America
    • Batfish Studios Ltd.
    • BBC Multimedia
    • Bert-Co Graphics
    • Bethesda Softworks
    • Bigben Interactive
    • BigWorld Pty Ltd
    • BioWare Corporation
    • Black Label Games
    • Blitz Games
    • Blizzard Entertainment
    • Blue Beck Ltd.
    • BMK Networks
    • Brady Games
    • British Gaming Village
    • Broderbund
    • Buena Vista Games
    • Bug Tracker
    • Buka Entertainment
    • Bullant Studios
    • Capcom USA, Inc.
    • CDV Software Entertainment AG
    • CENEGA Publishing, s.r.o.
    • Cheeky Wireless Ltd.
    • China National Publications
    • Clear-Vu Products
    • Coaxsys
    • Codemasters
    • The Code Monkeys Ltd.
    • COKeM International, Ltd.
    • Combat Flight Sims, Inc.
    • Compact Media, Inc.
    • Compedia Ltd.
    • Conspiracy Entertainment
    • Cosmi Corporation
    • Crave Entertainment
    • The Creative Assembly Ltd.
    • Criterion Software
    • Darim Vision Corp.
    • Data Display Systems
    • Datel Design & Development
    • DC Studios
    • Diamond Comic Distributors
    • Direct X
    • Disc-Go-Tech
    • DISCover
    • Discreet
    • Distinctive Developments
    • DITAN Distribution
    • Dolphin Electronic Co. Ltd.
    • Dr. Robot Inc.
    • Dream Quest Technology, Inc.
    • DreamCatcher Games
    • dreamGEAR, LLC
    • ECD Systems
    • edgies
    • eGames
    • Eidos Interactive
    • Electro Source, LLC
    • Electronic Arts
    • Empire Interactive
    • Emplast
    • Encore, Inc.
    • Entertainment Liquidators of Canada
    • Entertainment Software Rating Board
    • Etranges Libellules
    • EuroMediterranee
    • Eutechnyx
    • Evolution Studios Ltd.
    • Excellent Game Company
    • Fairnet GmbH
    • First Wise Media GmbH
    • Fogware Publishing
    • FounTech Pte Ltd
    • Fox Interactive
    • French Pavilion / UbiFrance
    • Funcom
    • Fund4Games
    • Future Network USA
    • Gama Network
    • Game Center Distribution Inc.
    • Game Infinity
    • Game Informer Magazine
    • Game Source Inc.
    • Gameaccount
    • Gamemate Tech, Inc.
    • The Games Kitchen
    • GameSpot
    • GameSpy Industries
    • Gamester
    • GameTronics
    • Gaming Side
    • Gandini Group SRL
    • GC - Games Convention
    • Gemini Industries
    • Genemation
    • German Pavilion
    • GFFS mbH
    • Gigx, Inc.
    • Global Software Publishing/DK Publishing
    • GSC Game World
    • GSP Ltd.
    • HanbitSoft, Inc.
    • Havok
    • Hexacto Games
    • Hip Interactive Inc.
    • Hirameki International
    • Honey Bee Electronic Int'l
    • Hong Kong Pavilion
    • Hong Kong Productivity Council
    • iBill
    • IC-CAVE
    • ID Merchandising Group
    • Ideazon
    • iGames Publishing, LLC
    • IGDA
    • IGN Entertainment, Inc.
    • I-Imagine Interactive
    • Infogrames / Atari
    • Initial Cut Interactive
    • Intel Corporation
    • Interactive Art Services
    • Interactive Selection
    • International Hobo
    • Interplay Entertainment
    • InterServ International Inc.
    • Intrinsic Graphics
    • Iomo Ltd.
    • IT World Services Ltd.
    • ITE Media APS
    • ITPIA Co., Ltd.
    • J.F.J. Disc Repair
    • Jack of All Games
    • JAMDAT Mobile
    • JC Entertainment
    • JC Research, Inc.
    • Jollenbeck GmbH
    • JoWooD
    • Joytech
    • Just Flight Ltd.
    • K-D Lab
    • Kemco
    • Kinyo Co., Inc.
    • KOEI Corporation
    • Konami of America, Inc.
    • Krome Studios
    • Kuju Entertainment
    • Kutoka Interactive
    • The Learning Company
    • Lexington Warner
    • Linden Lab
    • Lionhead Studios
    • Logitech
    • Logrus International
    • Lost Boys Studios
    • LSP
    • LucasArts
    • Macrovision Corp.
    • Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.
    • Majesco Sales
    • Majorem
    • Marjacq
    • Masaya
    • Matias
    • MCV
    • Media Create
    • MediaHouse
    • Mere Mortals Ltd.
    • Metro3D
    • Metrowerks Corp.
    • MezCo Studios Inc.
    • Micro Application
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Microvalue
    • Midas Interactive Entertainment
    • Midway Games, Inc.
    • Mission De Development Economique Regional
    • Mobile Operandi Communications Corp
    • Mojo Games Int'l Inc.
    • Monte Cristo
    • Motioncity
    • Multimedia 2000
    • Mutable Realms, Inc.
    • Mythic Entertainment
    • Namco Hometek
    • Natsume
    • NCsoft
    • NEC Interchannel Ltd.
    • Net Mobile AG
    • NetDragon Websoft Inc.
    • Nicely Crafted Entertainment
    • Nimrod Productions Ltd.
    • Nintendo of America
    • Nokia
    • Norvanco International Inc.
    • Nova Development
    • NovaLogic
    • NP Cube
    • NSIG Co., Ltd.
    • Nuby
    • nVidia
    • NXN Software
    • Nyko
    • Oil Productions Ltd.
    • Online Marketing & Public Relations
    • PalmSource
    • Pan Vision
    • PDQ Distribution Ltd
    • Pelican Accessories
    • Perforce Software
    • Phoenix Games Limited
    • Plasticworks Packaging
    • Playcom
    • PLaylogic International
    • PlayPhone, Inc.
    • Point2Point Logitistics
    • Portable Media Devices Inc.
    • Price Design Team
    • Prima Games
    • Pyramat LLC
    • Rainier Color Inc.
    • Real Time Worlds
    • Real Viz
    • Rebellion
    • RelQ Group
    • Revolution Software Ltd.
    • Riverdeep, Inc.
    • ROM-MAN Distribution
    • Ross-Ellis Packaging Solutions
    • Royal Electronics
    • Russobit-M
    • S2 Games, LLC
    • Saitek
    • Salem Software, Inc.
    • Sammy Studios, Inc.
    • Savalas
    • Scanavo Ltd.
    • Schanz Consultants & Interactive
    • SCI Games Ltd.
    • Scottish Games Alliance
    • SecuROM
    • Sega Mobile
    • Sega of America, Inc.
    • Selectsoft Publishing
    • Sierra Entertainment
    • Simon & Schuster Interactive
    • Skycity International Holdings Ltd.
    • SL Interphase
    • Smart Top Technology Ltd.
    • SN Systems
    • Sneaky Rabbit Studios
    • SNK NeoGeo USA Corporation
    • SoftLab-Nsk
    • Software Unlimited
    • Softwrap Ltd.
    • Sonopress
    • Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
    • Sony Online Entertainment, Inc.
    • Spielwarenmesse eG
    • Spirit
    • Square Enix USA, Inc.
    • Strategy First
    • Sunflex GmbH
    • Sunflowers GmbH
    • Supinfocom
    • Surplusoft Distribution/MPS Multimedia, Inc.
    • SVG Distribution
    • TAB Distribution, Inc.
    • Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
    • Tantalus Interactive
    • TDK Mediactive, Inc.
    • Team Chman SA
    • Techhand Inc.
    • Techland
    • Technicolor
    • Tecmo
    • Telefilm Canada
    • Testing Testing 123, Inc.
    • THQ
    • Tigergame Limited
    • TimeGate Studios Inc.
    • Tips & Tricks Magazine
    • Tivola-Viva Media
    • Topics Entertainment
    • Torus Games
    • Total Disc Repair Ltd.
    • TTPCom Ltd.
    • Tuna Technologies
    • Turbine Entertainment Software
    • U.S. Army
    • Ubisoft Entertainment
    • UCC Distributing, Inc.
    • UK Games Pavilion
    • Univenture
    • Universal Interactive
    • Vancouver Film School
    • VIS entertainment plc
    • Visual Science
    • Vivendi Universal Games
    • VUD
    • VxO Networks
    • Wanadoo
    • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    • Warhog
    • Webzen Corp.
    • Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • Wide Games
    • The Wild Divine Project
    • Wild Things Interactive Ltd.
    • WildTangent
    • Wizards of the Coast
    • Wootsoft Entertainment
    • Workshop Toys
    • World Cyber Games
    • X3D Technologies
    • XICAT Interactive
    • XS Games LLC
    • XSN
    • Yahoo! Games
    • Ziff Davis Media Game Group

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