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    Chaos Legion

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 06, 2003

    Chaos Legion puts players in the role of a Knight of the Dark Glyphs, Seig Warheit, who has the power to summon monsters called Legions to aid him battle against hordes of enemies. Sieg's goal is to stop his former best friend Victor Delacroix from destroying the world.

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    Chaos Legion is an action-adventure game that was released in 2003 by Capcom. Due to its many resemblances to another of Capcoms' very popular game (Devil May Cry), Chaos Legion wasn't very well received by the critics who based their reviews on comparisons to Devil May Cry.


    In Chaos Legion you play as Sieg Warheit, a Knight of the Dark Glyphs, who has received the mission of stopping his former friend, Victor Delacroix, from getting his hands on Three Artifacts that will enable Delacroix to join the Spiritual Planes. Along the way Sieg saves a girl named Arcia that lost all of her family due to Delacroix's acts, so to avenge her dead family she decides to join Sieg in his quest. Delacroix wants to join the Spiritual Planes to bring his lover back to life, Siela Riviere. Delacroix believes that Sieg was the one who murdered Siela, and blinded by his anger Delacroix wants to make Sieg pay for his sins and to purify the world by getting rid of all sinners, in order to do this Delacroix unleashes tons of monsters that Sieg will have to face to get to Delacroix.


    Sieg Warheit
    Sieg Warheit

    Chaos Legion is considered to be a hack-&-slash type of game, but there's more to it then just pressing the same button over and over and waving a sword around.

    Sieg does the usual action-adventure moves, he runs around, jumps and attacks using his sword, this moves occur in normal stance, while holding on the Parallel Movement Button Sieg keeps facing in the direction that he was facing when the Parallel Movement Button was pressed, in this (let's call it fighting stance) instead of running around, Sieg strafes to the sides and moves slowly with caution to the front and back, when the Jump Button is pressed in fighting stance Sieg doesn't jump, he rolls in the pointed direction except when moving backwards, instead of rolling he does a little evading jump. There is also a lock-on system in Chaos Legion that works a little bit different from the usual, when the Lock-on Shot Button is pressed Sieg shoots a kind of energy force at an enemy surrounding him with an energy force that makes it easier to the player to see which enemy got locked (which is a good thing because there are tons of enemies on screen at the same time), while an enemy is locked, Sieg can still run around normally while in normal stance, to focus on the locked enemy the Parallel Movement Button must be pressed, lock-on comes in handy when facing stronger opponents.

    Sieg and Arrogance legion
    Sieg and Arrogance legion

    What distinguishes Chaos Legion from other games of the genre is Sieg's ability to summon monsters, this monsters are referred to as Legions.

    Legions are summoned when the player hits the Mode Change Button. While summoned Legions will fight alongside Sieg, Legions can act in two different ways, they can attack monsters at will or stay beside Sieg and protect him, the player can change between this two modes by pressing the Change Force Styles Button, also Legions can be ordered to attack enemies by pressing the Attack Orders Button. Legions help Sieg in three different ways.

    First is the Force, the Force determines how much monsters appear when a Legion is summoned.

    In second comes the Assist, which is a special attack performed by the Legions. This attack can be done by pressing the Attack Orders Button when Sieg is fighting alone.

    And last is the Enchant, Enchant is the abilities that Legions pass on to Sieg (new sword moves, improved stats, etc).

    As Legions level up this abilities will became better and stronger.

    This is not the only way to improve Sieg's stats, during levels Sieg will encounter specific types of items that will boost his stats.

    Arcia and her handguns
    Arcia and her handguns

    Sieg is not the only playable character in Chaos Legion, when players reach the forest level they will take control of Arcia (Sieg's companion), the controls are still pretty much the same with the difference that instead of a sword Arcia attacks with two handguns. She also can't summon Legions, instead she uses a special attack that shoots bullets in all directions to open some space when she is surrounded by enemies.

    PC Requirments

    • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP;
    • Pentium III/ 1GHz or equivalent CPU;
    • 128MB RAM;
    • 1.2GB hard drive space;
    • 4x CD-ROM drive;
    • 64MB DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card;
    • DirectX compatible sound card.

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