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PC Collection - Partual
PC Collection - Partual

This is an almost complete list of all of the PC games I currently own. I started playing and even programming games in 1989 on my grandfathers Amstrad PC, when I was 6 years old, starting off with Digger, Space Invaders, Cats, Dam Busters and a whole bunch of other titles I can't quite remember. Then I moved onto Kings Quest, Monkey Island, Space Quest, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstien 3D, Crystal Caves and Commander Keen when he bought a 286.

I first started buying PC games in 1993 when my family bought a 386 with Flashback, Syndicate, IndyCar Racing, Cannon Fodder, Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis, X-Wing and Sensible Soccer. It is by far my largest collection by far both by numbers and physical space. I have cut it down a bit due to having to move a few times and hence sold a few, but I just can't part with the majority of them! Admittedly with the dawn of Steam, space shouldn't be much issue these days other than the odd special edition here and there. Oh well. :)

I've tried to arrange the top 10 or so to reflect my favourite titles (don't take too much notice of the position) but I'd prefer to have it alphabetical. I might get round to doing a top 20 PC title at some stage, we shall see....

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