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    Twinsen's Odyssey

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 14, 1997

    When strange aliens arrive from a neighbouring planet and begin kidnapping magicians and children, Twinsen uncovers a diabolical plot to obliterate his homeworld. In an epic adventure that propels him across the galaxy, Twinsen must defeat the aliens and their evil god, the Dark Monk, and save his planet.

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    This is the prologue to the story of LBA2, as told by Twinsen at the beginning of the game:

    "Hello, I'm Twinsen, the hero of this adventure. Can you see me up on the box up there with my girlfriend Zoé? That's my trusty Dino-Fly on the right, and that's a portrait of Sendell, our benevolent goddess, who breathes life into everything. Thanks to the medallion, and the magical powers she gave me, I was able to save our beautiful planet Twinsun. I had to investigate all the islands to save Zoé, and prevent our world from being destroyed. The terrible dictator FunFrock had the entire planet in his grip - until I came along.

    Yep, I'm proud to say, Zoé and I are expecting good news. We'll soon be hearing the pitter-pat of tiny feet, so we got to hurry up and get everything ready. Our world lives in peace nowadays, everything's calm, and we all have our place in the sun"


    Twinsen, the hero of this adventure
    Twinsen, the hero of this adventure

    Twinsen has been the hero of the planet Twinsun since he vanquished the evil dictator Dr. FunFrock in Relentless. After his terrible struggle against the evil Fun-Frock, our hero Twinsen is enjoying some peace and quiet in a world he has just restored to harmony. The adventure starts after the planet is hit by a wild storm, unusual during this particular season and for a planet warmed by two suns on either side of its hemisphere. The lighthouse keeper and the wizards would normally fix the problem, but for some reason nothing is being done about it. While attempting to reach Citadel Island, the Dino Fly (a sort of small winged dinosaur and a great friend of Twinsen) is struck by lightning. The little beast bravely tries to regain his balance but his injured wings can no longer supply the lift he needs to continue surfing the winds and he crashes violently into the ground just behind Twinsen's house. So unbeknownst to himself, Twinsen sets out on a journey to save his planet from destruction, travelling accross three entirely different planets.

    Twinsen rushes to the downtown pharmacy, however as it turns out the clerk has nothing that can help a Dino-Fly. One of the customers says that she knows something that could help, but abruptly leaves the store after a thief steals her umbrella. By sneaking up on the thief, Twinsen retrieves the umbrella and returns it to its rightful owner. In return, she tells him of a healer named Ker'ooac on Desert Island, who can help cure his injured Dino-Fly.

    While talking to the lighthouse keeper's wife, he learns that the lighthouse is closed and her husband has gone missing. For further guidance he visits one of the wizards that occupies the island, in a tent near ruins of the old Citadel.

    "This storm...I wanted to get rid of it, but the lighthouse was closed and I can't find the keeper anywhere. Only he could help me reach the top of the building, where I have the view I need to utter a conjuration. It's the only way to stop this storm that neutralizes the island. But I need the lighthouse keeper."

    Twinsen also left a note on the back of a painting of Sendell, telling his descendants where they can find the medallion and the ancestral tunic. Unfortunately for him, he is once again called upon to use them for himself in order to save the lighthouse keeper, who has been imprisoned by the Traul - A mythical beast located in the caves on the opposite side of Citadel Island. As it turns out, he was kidnapped while taking a walk along the cliffs.

    "To my future descendants: I have lent to Miss Bloop's private museum, the medallion and the ancestral tunic which rightfully belong to you. Signed: Twinsen."

    After the lighthouse keeper has been rescued, the storm is cleared and trouble begins with the arrival of unidentified space ships piloted by strange beings called Esmers. Twinsen, now a graduate magician, is kidnapped by the Esmers and taken to the planet Zeelich. He learns of their plot to kidnap the children of Twinsun, but is too late to stop it. The Esmers, under the spell of their mysterious god, the Dark Monk, have also built powerful jet engines to ram the Emerald Moon into Twinsun and destroy it. Twinsen must battle the aliens and their mysterious god, the Dark Monk, and save his planet and family.


    Little Big Adventure 2 features isometric 2D environments for the indoor areas like the first game, but the outdoor environments are represented in 3D. The environments were complex for it's time because they are not constantly being redrawn by the game engine. Instead, the game mimics the Alone in the Dark-style camera angles in real-time this means that a single frame is rendered and only changes when the player moves beyond a threshold or manually changes the camera angle.

    It's essentially a combination of many different genres. The game plays like an action/adventure game, exploration and interaction being prominent qualities of the game. There are also many sections that involve platforming and other times when you must solve puzzles. Hints are provided by the non-playable characters which eliminates the need to stumble upon solutions to puzzles. The player is free to roam around the world, exploring the different islands, talking with people and interacting with the environment - However it is impossible to travel freely between planets, this happens only at specific moments in the story. Interaction with the world is encouraged, almost all the NPCs have unique appearances and personalities. The game is presented like a living and breathing world, the characters are active and will move around and do things with or without regard to the player's actions. Characters will demonstrate their A.I. by running to alarms, waking up guards and certain scripted events give the characters an extra level of depth. You have an inventory with a fixed number of slots, with each item you obtain taking up a specific slot in the inventory. These items include your weapons, holomap and various puzzle-related items. There are also subtle role-playing game features such as having your magic ball become more powerful as you progress, allowing you take on tougher enemies and you are allowed to carry more extra lives.

    Behavior Modes

    The character the player controls is called Twinsen. The player controls Twinsen with the arrow keys; and he has 4 different modes of behavior. These modes can also switch between these modes instantly by using the F-Keys.

    • Normal: The normal mode, in which Twinsen will walk normally and can execute the action command allowing him to activate items, talk to characters, and search objects such as trashcans and chests. When throwing the magic ball, it will go straight with no curve or bounce. He will throw the Magic Ball with average strength. When using the Sabre, he only attacks approximately twice per second.
    • Athletic: In this mode, Twinsen can run and jump. When using weapons Twinsen will move very quickly. He throws the Magic Ball slightly further than in Normal mode. With the Sabre, Twinsen will execute a special move where he will backflip and then frontflip into an attack, inflicting a high amount of damage to any enemy in front of him.
    • Aggressive: This is the battle mode, in this mode Twinsen can fight enemies using a combination of punches and kicks, and when using weapons he will attack with more power. When wielding the magic ball, he throws it slightly harder than in Athletic mode; and when wielding the Sabre, he slashes in a fierce, continuous stream, complete with a spinning attack. You can also hold the dodge key to avoid incoming attacks.
    • Discreet: In this mode, Twinsen will tip-toe near-silently and is able to hide. The player may need this to get past some otherwise unbeatable enemies. When the player uses weapons Twinsen will attack very slowly. When using the Magic Ball, he propels it upwards, which is useful for killing enemies or activating switches on higher ledges, or over short walls.



    These Guys live on the planet of Twinsun and are renowned to have dorky ponytail haircuts. They are as tall as the Sups and have superior intelligence, but little idea technology. They can adapt to any climate and are masters at any weapon. Their hero Twinsen, defeated Funfrock in Relentless and they are rebels against Dark Monk on this sequel.


    An elephant-like race. These characters are gentle oafs who try to stay out of trouble. They do, however, have their character and their own particular quirks: they enjoy picking, gathering and DIY jobs. In fact they enjoy everything. They are cooperative and hard-working even if some of them are not exactly Nobel prize winners.


    A cross between a mouse and a rabbit, these high strung characters have a wide range of skills that make them great magicians and wizards in addition to store owners and thieves. They live on the planet Twinsun.


    This race of cute bio-androids has been living for years on the planet as an endangered species. Unfortunately, they have been unable to breed for a very long time and have only a dim hope of seeing tiny spheros cavorting around their gardens. So they are trying to get by...


    A combination of a bee and a mosquito, these flyers have long trumpet noses and carry rapid firing gun-type weapons. The Mosquibees lives in the under-gas of the planet Zeelich and are the "freedom fighters" who battle the evil of the Dark Monk. Their village is a magnificent cocoon anchored on the rocky hills of Zeelich.


    Furry Mice Men, they have a disgusting, but healthy diet of Firefly tart, they are good workers and have adapted to the Lava environment. They are probably the least intellectual of the alien races, but extremely hard to beat in combat.


    Where else would a race of "sausage" people live than in structures that look like inverted hotdog buns. They are blue-collar walking hotdogs that refine the gems extracted in the lava mines, and convert them into the fuel gazogem. (Gazogem powers all the vehicles of Zeelich). In addition to working in the mines, Knartas are also employed as guards, policemen and other power wielding positions.


    The prototypical alien with a triangular shaped head. The Sups live in the upper city of Otringal on Zeelich and are the planet's intellectual elite. When on Twinsun, Sup jobs range from bodyguards and secret service ("Men in Black" look) to ambassadors. As ambassadors they are polite and friendly, but sometimes too friendly, as they have ulterior motives.


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