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Privateer 2 is a sequel to the original Privateer in name only. No connection to Privateer 1 or the Wing Commander universe exists in the game.


The game begins with a cargo ship named "Canera" coming under attack and crashing into the Mendra City on planet Crius. The only survivor is the game's protagonist, a man named Lev Arris and with no memory of who he is and no record of his existence prior to two weeks before the crash. The man must take on the life of a privateer while he tries to find out about his past.


The player is free to roam around the universe between plot missions. Earning money by taking on missions and transporting goods between planets. The player does not need to always journey alone, he/she can hire ships for the protection and increased cargo space.

Some found the game's interfaces for trading to be cumbersome and annoying. While the game universe map is in 3D, instead of the normal 2D.

Full Motion Video Cast

Steve Hilliker (Director)

Erin Roberts (Director)

Diane Duane (Writer)

John Rowe

Mary Tamm

Nadia Cameron-Blakey

Bob Goody

David McCallum

Don Warrington

Christopher Walken

Kevork Warrington

Hetty Baynes

Douglas Fielding

John Vernon

Ade Sapara

Su Lin Looi

Steven Crossley

Stasha French

Lynn Thompson

Nick Hutchison

Stephen Jenn

John Hurt

Clive Owen

Eric Carte

Liana Bridges

Nizwar Kirant

Thomas Craig

Stephen Bent

Mathilda May

John Boswall

Nadim Sawalha

Bruce Byron

John Francis

Tim Pearce

David Warner

Jonathan Chesterman

Fairmang Singhateh

Nichola Cordey

Brian Blessed

Amanda Pays

Jürgen Prochnow

Nicola Jeffries

John Vernon


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