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Unreal Tournament 2004 is a futuristic arena-based shooter developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes and published by Atari for the PC on March 16, 2004. An enhanced version of Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004 uses the Unreal Engine 2.5 game engine to include a variety of new content, including vehicular combat (ranging from tanks and aircraft to full-blown space combat), new weapons and characters, brand new maps (bringing the total number of maps to over 100), a new single-player campaign experience, and three brand new game modes (including the return of the mission-based Assault game mode from the original Unreal Tournament).

Game modes


Classic free-for-all gameplay. Reach a target number of frags to win.

Team Deathmatch

Similar to deathmatch but with teams. The first team to reach target number of frags wins.

Last Man Standing

Similar to deathmatch but with a limited number of lives. Last player alive wins.

Capture the Flag

Teams compete to capture the opponent's flag and return it to their base. First team to reach target number of flag captures wins.

Vehicle Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag with vehicles. First team to reach target number of flag captures wins.

Double Domination

Similar to the well known "King of the Hill" mode in other games, domination contains two control points that must be captured and held in unison by teams in order to gain points. First team to reach target number of points wins. This mode was cut out of the game's sequel, Unreal Tournament III.


The closest thing UT2004 has to missions, assault mode tasks each team with a set number of objectives. One team is attacking while the other is defending and trying to prevent the attacking team from completing their objectives. If the objectives are completed within a time limit, the attacking team wins, but if the time runs out without the objectives being completed the defending team takes the win. After every round, attacking and defending teams switch sides.

Bombing Run

Introduced in UT2003, the objective in Bombing Run is to take the bomb that spawns in the middle of the map and carry it into the enemy base and through the hoop located there. First team to reach target score wins. To do this you are given a "Bomb Launcher" whenever you are carrying the bomb. By left clicking the gun will, as the name suggests, launch the bomb out for anyone to pick up. But if you right click first when aiming at one of your teammates, the gun will "lock on" and home in on that person when you fire it making it easier to pass the bomb. As stated earlier the aim is to take the bomb to the enemy hoop. There are two ways you can do this, one is fire it into the hoop nabbing your team three points. Or you can try and jump through the hoop with the bomb scoring you seven points but usually giving your player an environmental death.


Invasion is a simple survival mode. The players are forced to work together to try and survive endless waves of monsters that get increasingly difficult with each wave. Once a player dies they cannot re-spawn until the round is over. Rounds can either end after a time limit (victory), or when all players are dead (failure).


Mutant is a deathmatch-type game mode where every player starts out with all weapons, and the first player to get a kill becomes the “Mutant”. This player has unlimited ammo as well as the berserk, speed, and invisibility power-ups. They are also constantly losing health and cannot pick up health packs, but they gain health with every kill they make. The person with the lowest score is given the title of “Bottom Feeder” and only the Mutant and Bottom Feeder can kill players without those titles.


Onslaught is a vehicle-based game mode in which the objective is to capture a series of power nodes connecting your and your opponents’ bases and destroy the power core located within their base. First team to destroy opponents’ power core wins. This mode was combined with Assault mode to form Warfare mode in Unreal Tournament III.



Main Article: Translocator
Classification: Personal Teleportation DevicePrimary Fire: Launches the destination module. Throws the module to the location you would like to teleport to.Secondary Fire: Activates the Translocator and teleports the user to the destination module.Techniques: Throw your destination module at another player and activate the secondary fire and you will teleport to your opponent's exact position, killing them instantly.

Shield Gun

Classification: Energy ShieldPrimary Fire: Charges up to smash opponents for massive damage.Secondary Fire: Creates a shield that can protect user from incoming bullets.Techniques: Pointing the shield down while falling will reduce the damage taken on impact.
Shield Gun
Shield Gun

Assault Rifle

Main Article: Enforcer
Classification: Assault RiflePrimary Fire: A series of inaccurate shots with a high rate of fire.Secondary Fire: A grenade projectile that bounces around and then detonates.Techniques: Collect two for twice the damage.
Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

Bio Rifle

Main Article: Bio Rifle
Classification: Toxic RiflePrimary Fire: Wads of Tarydium byproduct are lobbed at a medium rate.Secondary Fire: When trigger is held down the Bio Rifle will create a much larger was of byproduct that will burst into smaller wads which will adhere to any surfaces.Techniques: Byproducts will adhere to walls, floors, or ceilings. Chain reactions can be caused by covering entryways with this lethal green waste.
Bio Rifle
Bio Rifle

Shock Rifle

Main Article: ASMD Shock Rifle
Classification: Energy RiflePrimary Fire: Instant hit laser beam.Secondary Fire: Large, slow moving plasma core.Shock Combo: Shooting the secondary fire's core with a primary beam will cause a massive explosion, killing most opponents instantly.
Shock Rifle
Shock Rifle

Mine Layer

Classification: Remote ExplosivePrimary Fire: Launches remote control “Spider Mines” onto the ground.Secondary Fire: A laser that allows you to guide the Spider Mines to where you want them to go.Techniques: Shoot eight Spider Mines at once to maximize explosive potential!
Mine Layer
Mine Layer

Link Gun

Main Article: Pulse Gun
Classification: Plasma RiflePrimary Fire: Fires fast-moving green orbs of plasma.Secondary Fire: A bolt of green plasma lightning is expelled with limited length.Techniques: “Link” together with team mates to increase the Link Gun’s power.
Link Gun
Link Gun


Main Article: Gatling Gun
Classification: Gatling GunPrimary Fire: Bullets are sprayed forth at a fast rate of fire and good accuracy.Secondary Fire: Minigun fires twice as fast and half as accurate.Techniques: Secondary Fire is much more useful at close range but can waste a lot of ammo.

Flak Cannon

Main Article: Flak Cannon
Classification: Heavy ShrapnelPrimary Fire: White hot chunks of scrap metal spray out in a wide spread.Secondary Fire: A flak grenade is launched out of the gun with a high arc, exploding on impact.Techniques: The Flak Cannon is most useful in close quarters combat.
Flak Cannon
Flak Cannon

Grenade Launcher

Main Article: Grenade Launcher
Classification: ExplosivePrimary Fire: Fires bouncing grenades that will stick to enemies or vehicles.Secondary Fire: Detonates grenades.Techniques: Turn friendly fire off and cover a team mate in grenades. Then have them run into the enemy base and detonate. Your team mate will be unharmed but the same cannot be said for the enemies nearby.
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Main Article: Rocket Launcher
Classification: Heavy BallisticPrimary Fire: A slow moving but deadly rocket is fired at opponents.Secondary Fire: Loads up to three rockets into the barrel which can then be fired in either a flat, horizontal pattern or a tight spiral.Techniques: Keeping this weapon aimed at an opponent will cause it to lock on. If you opponent keeps moving just before you can lock on however, it is best to just shoot at their feet.
Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher


Main Article: AVRiL
Classification: Heavy BallisticPrimary Fire: A deadly anti-vehicular rocket is fired.Secondary Fire: Player’s view holds and zooms on locked target.Techniques: Keeping this weapon aimed at an enemy vehicle will cause it to lock on and become a seeking missile capable of pulling two ninety degree turns in one hundred feet.

Sniper Rifle

Main Article: Sniper Rifle
Classification: Long Range BallisticPrimary Fire: Fires a high powered bullet.Secondary Fire: Zooms the rifle in, up to ten times normal vision.Techniques: Great for long distance headshots.
Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle

Lightning Gun

Main Article: Lightning Gun
Classification: Long Range Energy RiflePrimary Fire: Fires an instant-hit lightning bolt with perfect accuracy.Secondary Fire: Zooms the rifle in, up to eight times normal vision.Techniques: Headshots do double damage, enough to kill an un-shielded opponent.
Lightning Gun
Lightning Gun


Main Article: Redeemer
Classification: Thermonuclear DevicePrimary Fire: Fires a huge slow moving missile that will explode on impact, sending out a gigantic shock wave, instantly pulverizing anyone and anything within its colossal radius.Secondary Fire: Guide the missile using an onboard camera.Techniques: Shoot down a redeemer missile in midair to cause it to explode harmlessly.
Redeemer (Swallow This)
Redeemer (Swallow This)

Ion Painter

Main Article: Ion Cannon
Classification: Remote Targeting DevicePrimary Fire: Ion Painter delivers a delayed but extremely powerful blast which appears to come out of the sky.Secondary Fire: Same as primary fire.Techniques: Use the Ion Painter to take out enemy nodes in Onslaught mode.
Ion Painter
Ion Painter

Target Painter

Classification: Remote Targeting DevicePrimary Fire: Fires a laser to mark a location. After a short delay, a Phoenix bomber is called in to drop bombs on target position.Secondary Fire: Zooms in.Techniques: The Phoenix bomber can be shot down before it delivers all or any of its explosive payload.
Target Painter
Target Painter



  • Black Legion
  • Blood Fist
  • Fire Storm
  • Goliath
  • Hellions
  • Iron Guard
  • Iron Skull
  • Juggernauts
  • Sun Blade
  • Super Nova
  • The Corrupt
  • Thunder Crash


Disc One

1."Intro"Kevin Riepl3:12
2."Menu UT2K3"Kevin Riepl1:31
3."Menu UT2K4"Kevin Riepl4:14
4."Menu UT2K4 Version 2"Kevin Riepl1:36
5."Intro UT2K4 Version 2"Kevin Riepl2:05
6."Menu"Kevin Riepl1:55
7."Mercs Entrance"Kevin Riepl1:16
8."Jugs Entrance"Kevin Riepl1:00
9."Level 2"Starsky Partridge5:48
10."Level 3"Starsky Partridge3:09
11."Level 5"Starsky Partridge5:47
12."Level 6"Starsky Partridge5:31
13."Level 7"Starsky Partridge4:48
14."Level 8"Starsky Partridge3:38
15."Level 9"Starsky Partridge4:21
16."Level 11"Starsky Partridge3:35
17."Level 13"Starsky Partridge4:34
18."Level 15"Starsky Partridge3:40
19."Level 16"Starsky Partridge4:16
20."Stage"Kevin Riepl0:53

Disc Two

1."Absolute Zero"Kevin Riepl2:59
2."Action 1"Kevin Riepl3:08
3."Action 2 Version 2"Kevin Riepl3:34
4."Action 3"Kevin Riepl2:59
5."Assault"Kevin Riepl2:00
6."Atlantis"Kevin Riepl3:03
7."Chemical Burn"Kevin Riepl2:00
8."City"Kevin Riepl4:03
9."Collision Course"Kevin Riepl2:00
10."Conduit"Kevin Riepl3:00
11."Convoy"Kevin Riepl4:05
12."Corrugation Rise"Kevin Riepl3:07
13."DM1"Kevin Riepl2:00
14."From Below Version 2"Kevin Riepl1:59
15."Ghosts of Anubis"Kevin Riepl2:02
16."Glacier"Kevin Riepl3:00
17."Hell"Kevin Riepl2:00
18."HyperBlast Redux"Kevin Riepl3:13
19."Infernal Realm"Kevin Riepl2:00
20."Infiltrate"Kevin Riepl2:00
21."Junkyard"Kevin Riepl4:01
22."Metallurgy"Kevin Riepl3:05
23."Morpheus 3"Kevin Riepl3:02

Disc Three

1."Pharao's Revenge"Kevin Riepl2:00
2."Rankin"Kevin Riepl3:12
3."Robot Factory"Kevin Riepl4:01
4."Roughinery"Kevin Riepl3:02
5."Serenity"Kevin Riepl3:00
6."Skaarj Assault"Kevin Riepl3:00
7."Sky Scraper"Kevin Riepl2:01
8."Slaughter"Kevin Riepl2:20
9."Sniper Time"Kevin Riepl2:00
10."Sulphur"Kevin Riepl2:58
11."Tomb of Horus"Kevin Riepl2:01
12."WasteLand"Kevin Riepl1:58
13."Onslaught 1"Will Nevins3:48
14."Onslaught 2"Will Nevins3:57
15."Onslaught 3"Will Nevins6:12
16."Onslaught 4"Will Nevins3:21
17."Onslaught 5"Will Nevins4:09
18."Onslaught 6"Will Nevins4:25
19."Onslaught 7"Will Nevins3:24
20."Ending Sequence"Kevin Riepl1:33

System Requirements

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

128MB RAM (256MB RAM or greater recommended)

Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz processor (Pentium® or AMD 1.

System Requirements
System Requirements

2GHz or greater recommended)


5.5GB HDD space

DirectX® version 9.0b

32 MB video card required (64 MB NVIDIA or ATI hardware T&L card recommended)

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