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    F-Zero GX

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 25, 2003

    F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game developed by AV & SEGA and published by Nintendo and is a sequel to the long-running F-Zero franchise. It is considered the most challenging F-Zero game to date.

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    Port Town - Aero Dive
    Port Town - Aero Dive

    F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game developed by Amusement Vision and SEGA and published by Nintendo. The game features thirty drivers and racing machines and twenty courses. The racing machines are differentiated by attributes such as Body, Boost, Grip (graded on an A-E scale) and Weight (measured in kilograms). The player can also select to give their machine either more acceleration or maximum speed or any mixture of the two. The boost meter, accessible on lap 2, functions as a health meter and manual boost reserve, so the player must negotiate their health with how much boost they want to use. When the player runs out of health or is knocked off the track, the race ends and the player must restart the race. The player can regain health by running through the pink energy field on the tracks.

    F-Zero GX and its sister game F-Zero AX released only in arcades, were developed on the Triforce arcade board, developed by Nintendo, Sega and Namco. The game received generally positive reviews with the one caveat that some reviewers found the game too difficult.

    F-Zero GX players can bring their memory cards to F-Zero AX machines and use the information stored on the memory card to unlock AX tracks and racers on their GX game. If an F-Zero AX machine is not available, the racers can be unlocked by finishing the story mode missions on the Very Hard difficulty setting.


    The gameplay follows the overall series' formula, though many game mechanics are back from F-Zero X, the physics are very different from one game to the other. The player drives a machine among the numerous available or even one built from scratch by combining 3 different machine parts, the body, the boost, and the cockpit. There's a health bar for the vehicle which also functions as the boost meter, if the boost is overused the vehicle will be susceptible to blowing up due to low health, the boost power can only be used on the second and third laps and boost/health power can be restored on recovery pools, they are generally located right before the start/finish line, though some courses will have more than one and located in different places. Aside from the boost the cars have built-in in each of the machines, there are arrows around the levels to help players get a momentous boost. Another feature present in many tracks are the gaps sometimes leading to huge jumps connecting the whole track together. Other not so helpful objects and terrains can be seen like mines, dirt, fire, lasers and slippery paths; for instance, mines will explode and take a good amount of health and dirt will slow the car down if it rides through. There's also two type of attacks the player can perform to try taking racers out of the game, a side attack and a spin attack, if any of these attacks hits the target, they may have their vehicle destroyed or lose energy.

    The main mode in F-Zero GX is the Grand Prix mode, there are 5 different cups each with 5 different courses--Mute City: Sonic Oval, even though it is mentioned as being an AX Cup track is can not be played in Grand Prix mode, the Ax Cup has Green Plant: Spiral as last course. The player plays against 29 other computer-controlled racers in a 3-lap race trying to finish with the best position, points are awarded to each player after the race depending on the classification, whoever has the most points after all 5 courses is awarded Grand Prix champion, even conceding an interview for the fictional F-Zero TV. There are 4 difficulty levels at first, Novice, Standard and Expert, plus a last difficulty level called Master unlocked if the player beats the first 3 cups on Expert. The Vs. Mode is a multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can compete in any of the courses. Time Trial Mode is a race against the clock, with the possibility to race staff ghosts, the player's own ghosts and save replays. The practice mode is the standard training mode, with many options available like number of laps and how many computer-controlled racers will be racing as well as their difficulty level. The story mode follows Captain Falcon in a simple story where the player must overcome 9 different tasks ranging from collecting capsules and finishing first to destroying all the racers before the track ends.


    Basic controls:

    • Control stick left and right - steering
    • Control stick up and down - raise or lower nose (while in the air)
    • A button - gas
    • B button - brake
    • L / R triggers - strafing (while steering, strafing helps improves cornering ability.)
    • Y button - use a boost (using a boost depletes some of the shield power.)

    Attacking controls:

    • X button and control stick - side ram attack
    • Z button and control stick - spin attack

    Other techniques:

    Pressing R and then L (or vice-versa) while steering allows the player to more easily lose traction. This can enhance the ability to take a corner, and may be needed when simply steering and strafing into the corner isn't enough.

    Game Modes

    Grand Prix

    This is the standard one-player mode where the player selects a machine the race against 29 computer controlled machines. The player will select a difficulty level (novice, standard, expert & master) and cup level (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond). There are five tracks in a given cup and the object is to place higher than the player's "Rival", the driver with the most points, or second most points if the player has the most. Placing highest gives out 100 points so a perfect cup is 500 points.

    Vs. Battle

    This is the multiplayer portion of F-Zero GX. 2 to 4 players select the cup, track, number of laps, handicaps, the addition of CPU racers.

    Time Attack

    This is a one-player mode in which the player races against the clock for the best lap time, total race time and maximum speed. The player can also race against a "ghost" a transparent copy of the player's previous lap/race.


    This is a one player mode in which the player drives on the cup & track of their choosing and can choose the amount of laps raced (up to infinity) whether or not vehicle restore is on, number of CPU racers (up to 29) and the class of the drivers.


    The player can customize controller, memory card and screen ratio in this area.

    Pilot Profiles

    Players can learn about the characters of F-Zero in this mode.


    A single-player mode which finds Captain Falcon going through 9 chapters to uncover the conspiracy of the F-Zero Grand Prix. Each Chapter has its own unique hazards and objectives, including one inspired by the film Speed. This mode is often remembered for its crisp FMV cut-scenes with some of the cheesiest voice acting around, and for its insane difficulty, even on the lowest setting.

    1. Captain Falcon Trains

    Here the player is asked to collect all the capsules scattered around the track in a determined period of time.

    2. Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai

    The player has to beat Samurai Goroh in a race in a track sitting beside a canyon.

    3. High Stakes in Mute City

    This challenge is a simple race in a difficult course full of narrow curves, the player must finish first to win.

    4. Challenge of the Bloody Chain

    To win this challenge the player must destroy Michael Chain's machine using side or spin attacks, to do that Falcon must go destroying all the machines siding with him before he can actually reach Michael.

    5. Save Jody!

    Here Falcon has a straight course leading to the exit, the power plant is gonna blow when the time reaches 0 and he must exit before that happens.

    6. Black Shadow's Trap

    If Falcon drops his speed under 700 km/h his car will blow up, keep the speed over that margin until the end to beat this challenge.

    7. The F-Zero Grand Prix

    The F-Zero Grand Prix emulated at its best, Falcon has to win the race to beat this, his main opponent will be Black Shadow who will most of the times finish first.

    8. Secrets of the Champion Belt

    Defeat Deathborn, the primary antagonist in F-Zero GX, to win this challenge.

    9. Finale: Enter the Creators

    The player must beat the Falcon's own ghost (staff ghost that is) to emerge victorious.


    While racing in the other modes, the player can choose to save a replay of their race. Saved replays can be viewed in this area.


    As the player makes his or her way through the Grand Prix mode, they can win tickets that can be traded in for parts which can be used to create their own machines. Engines, Cockpits and Bodies can be put together, these machines will be automatically given names and stats based on the parts selected. An emblem editor and the F-Zero shop are also in this area.


    The courses are divided into 5 cups. Initially only the first three cups are available, leaving to the player the job to unlock the remaining two. The regular cups for GX feature 5 courses each. The last one, which has courses originally for the arcade counterpart release, features 6 courses.



    No Caption Provided

    Mute City: Twist Road
    Casino Palace: Split Oval
    Sand Ocean: Surface Slide
    Lighting: Loop Cross
    Aeropolis: Multiplex


    No Caption Provided

    Big Blue: Drift Highway
    Port Town: Aero Dive
    Green Plant: Mobius Ring
    Port Town: Long Pipe
    Mute City: Serial Gaps


    No Caption Provided

    Fire Field: Cylinder Knot
    Green Plant: Intersection
    Casino Palace: Double Branches
    Lightning: Half Pipe
    Big Blue: Ordeal


    No Caption Provided

    Cosmo Terminal: Trident
    Sand Ocean: Lateral Shift
    Fire Field: Undulation
    Aeropolis: Dragon Slope
    Phantom Road: Slim-Line Slits


    No Caption Provided

    Aeropolis: Screw Drive
    Outer Space: Meteor Stream
    Port Town: Cylinder Wave
    Lightning: Thunder Road
    Green Plant: Spiral
    Mute City: Sonic Oval

    F-Zero Pilots

    F-Zero counts with a vast set of characters, each with their own vehicles, and each vehicle with its own characteristics, to rate them the game presents an A-E grade in the categories body, boost and grip; and there's also the weight of each racing vehicle. Here are the 41 characters found in F-Zero GX, although some of them are considered AX pilots, they all are available in GX without the need of any AX-GX transfer.


    Number - 00

    Gender - Male

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Dark Schneider (Weight: 2,080 Kg / Body: A / Boost: B / Grip: D)

    This mysterious pilot makes even Black Shadow, the evil emperor, shudder with fear. Since the huge accident four years ago, several F-ZERO pilots have turned up missing: in all of the missing-persons investigations conducted by the Space Police, Deathborn was the primary suspect. Deathborn has died three times, but each time was brought back to life by life by exchanging his real body parts for mechanical ones. Through these procedures, he has become essentially immortal. A device installed within his body allows him to travel freely through space making it possible for him to mysteriously appear anywhere at any time. He banishes those he dislikes to the outer limits of space where they become drifting vagabonds for all eternity. Deathborn is plotting to take over the universe. His plan is to obtain the ultimate power that would allow him to determine life and death on every star as he sees fit.

    Mighty Gazelle

    Number - 01

    Gender - Male

    Age - 99

    Vehicle - Red Gazelle (Weight: 1,330 Kg / Body: B / Boost: C / Grip: B)

    Four years ago, Mighty Gazelle was the pilot who took the worst damage in the huge accident that led to the temporary suspension of the F-Zero Grand Prix races. He just barely escaped death and was resurrected as a cyborg primarily made up of mechanical body parts. Living only for F-Zero, he ignores the complaints of those who oppose his race participation -- no protest would make him skip a race. Because he is a cyborg, he has been able to polish his racing skills without fear of death. Through analysis of his past races, he has fine-tuned all of his reflex-related components.

    Jody Summer

    Number - 02

    Gender - Female

    Age - 25

    Vehicle - White Cat (Weight: 1,550 Kg / Body: C / Boost: C / Grip: A)

    Jody Summer is a combat-machine pilot affiliated with the Galactic Space Federation. Her ability is highly regarded, and she is recognized as a hero by both her peers and superiors. For these reasons she was chosen as the spokesperson for the Federation. She wasn’t able to win the last Grand Prix championship but was praised for her bravery and subsequently chosen to be Miss Galactic Space Federation. She still doesn’t have a great deal of experience as an F-ZERO pilot, but she has an incredible ability to control speed—that skill alone makes her the target of a great many rivals.

    Dr. Stewart

    Number - 03

    Gender - Male

    Age - 42

    Vehicle - Golden Fox (Weight: 1,420 Kg / Body: D / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    His real name is Robert Stewart. A long time ago, he was a charismatic surgeon with legendary surgical skills. However, the death of his father, professor Kevin Stewart, provided him with the opportunity to become a pilot. A regular racer with already over 10 years of experience, he is still considered a top-class pilot. As a racer, he’s known for his refined technical prowess and friendly demeanor. In the big accident four years ago, Dr. Stewart put his skills as a paramedic to use and treated many of the injured. Miraculously, due to his heroic efforts, no fatalities occurred.


    Number - 04

    Gender - Male

    Age - 19

    Vehicle - Iron Tiger (Weight: 1,780 Kg / Body: B / Boost: D / Grip: A)

    This “wild child” was born and raised amid the natural beauty of Giant, a planet with expansive tracts of green land. He has preternatural animal instincts and a resilient, well-toned physique, both of which factored into his recruitment by the F-ZERO Pilot Selection Committee. He left his home and underwent a great deal of training in order to make his F-ZERO Grand Prix debut last year. He didn’t win, unfortunately, and knowing he still had much to learn, he set out on a spiritual journey. As a result, his physical strength has increased twofold. However, he is also a bit overconfident now and is considered somewhat of a big-mouth.

    Samurai Goroh

    Number - 05

    Gender - Male

    Age - 45

    Vehicle - Fire Stingray (Weight: 1,960 Kg / Body: A / Boost: D / Grip: B)

    In outward appearance, Goroh is a bounty hunter just like Falcon, but in actuality, he is the boss of an intergalactic group of bandits with a terrible reputation. This group of cutthroats is said to use the Red Canyon for a hideout. Exactly what Goroh has plundered and extorted over the years is unknown. As a bounty hunter, he travels from planet to planet evaluating the value of possible spoils. He actually dreams of performing notorious deeds as a bounty hunter, but Falcon always seems to beat him to the punch in the newest and most profitable projects—Goroh is very bitter about this. He enters every Grand Prix without fail and is known as a rival of Falcon who will never stop trying to defeat him.


    Number - 06

    Gender - Male

    Age - 99

    Vehicle - Wild Goose (Weight: 1,620 Kg / Body: A / Boost: B / Grip: C)

    Pico was a member of a special unit of the Poripoto army and carried out a number of dangerous missions. He is very aggressive, yet cool-headed enough to do what needs to be done to the bitter end. Individuals who mess with him often don’t live to do anything else. After retirement, Pico opened a small shop near the military base, but he still operates as a notorious assassin. The accident four years ago is said to have been caused by his dangerous driving, and for this reason he is disliked by many of the F-ZERO fans. This doesn’t stop him from running the circuit as recklessly as always.

    Captain Falcon

    Number - 07

    Gender - Male

    Age - 37

    Vehicle - Blue Falcon (Weight: 1,260 Kg / Body: B / Boost: C / Grip: B)

    Captain Falcon was the winner of the previous F-ZERO Grand Prix, an achievement that boosted his already-high popularity even higher. Beyond racing, he is quite well-know as an extremely capable bounty hunter -just how many criminals he's brought in is unknown, but the number is said to be astronomic. Aside from the fact that he hails from Port Town, his past is a complete mystery. His mind and body are honed from the many battles he has survived, and there is no challenge he can't overcome.


    Number - 08

    Gender - Male

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Deepclaw (Weight: 990 Kg / Body: B / Boost: B / Grip: C)

    Octoman is a representative of Takora, a planet currently at odds with the Milky Way Space Federation. The confrontation between the Federation and Takora grows more tense and drawn out by the day. The Takoraians are surrounded by enemies and are in a very unstable economic state. Due to this, Octoman wants to win the Grand Prix so that he can pay the education costs of his children. He plans to contribute the rest of his earnings to the government of Takora to give it hope for the future.

    Mr. EAD

    Number - 09

    Gender - Unknown

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Great Star (Weight: 1,870 Kg / Body: E / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    Mr. EAD is an android created by the mysterious development group EAD. His objective in this Grand Prix is to complete the final testing phase for his IQ and AI programming. After his run on the last F-ZERO Grand Prix, he endured many trials—combat training, spy activities, college exams and many others. If all of his capabilities function as calculated, there should be nothing that can keep him from winning the Grand Prix. His victory will signify the birth of a flawless android.

    James McCloud

    Number - 10

    Gender - Male

    Age - 32

    Vehicle - Little Wyvern (Weight: 1,390 Kg / Body: E / Boost: B / Grip: B)

    McCloud is the leader of the flight squad Galaxy Dogs. He had his combat plane converted into an F-ZERO machine in order to compete in the Grand Prix. During peacetime there is very little work available, so McCloud has entered his second race in an attempt to take home the big prize money. He is motivated to become the new champion by thoughts of his wife and young son, both of whom need his support.


    Number - 11

    Gender - Male

    Age - 7

    Vehicle - Mad Wolf (Weight: 1,490 Kg / Body: B / Boost: B / Grip: C)

    One of Billy's ancestors was a trained rocket pilot and the first monkey in space. Whether by genetic predisposition or not, Billy's ability as a pilot is truly exceptional, and he's the first monkey to enter the F-ZERO Grand Prix. He was raised in a special lab where he was educated in human literacy and communication skills. The lab concurrently developed an F-ZERO racer suitable for a monkey, and bestowed upon him the honor of piloting it in the Grand Prix.

    Kate Allen

    Number - 12

    Gender - Female

    Age - 30

    Vehicle - Super Piranha (Weight: 1,010 Kg / Body: B / Boost: C / Grip: B)

    Kate is the megastar singer who was chosen to sing at the opening ceremonies of the past several F-ZERO Grand Prix races. Her fans are wild about her powerful dance moves and soulful vocals. Completely allured by the extreme speed of the race, Kate chose to pursue F-ZERO racing rather than continue furthering her musical career. Taking full advantage of her sense of rhythm and athleticism, she plans to run a rambunctious race.


    Number - 13

    Gender - Male

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Death Anchor (Weight: 1,620 Kg / Body: / Boost: / Grip: )

    Zoda is in a long dispute with the hero of justice, Super Arrow. He has also been marked by Captain Falcon, and once was almost captured for his bounty. Zoda’s crazed tendencies come from a special device that pumps adrenaline and dopamine into his body. He enters the Grand Prix races to raise funding for his sinister plots, and during this latest race, he plans to take out anyone who dares interfere with his master plan.

    Jack Levin

    Number - 14

    Gender - Male

    Age - 19

    Vehicle - Astro Robin (Weight: 1,050 Kg / Body: B / Boost: D / Grip: A)

    Jack is a former pop-group member who set the entertainment industry on fire by pursuing his dream to become an F-ZERO pilot, and he now wins the hearts of many female fans on the F-ZERO scene. Any merchandise bearing Jack's face is an instant sellout. While most people speak only of his good looks and popularity, his racing skills are also worthy of comment.

    Bio ReX

    Number - 15

    Gender - Male

    Age - 9

    Vehicle - Big Fang (Weight: 1,520 Kg / Body: B / Boost: D / Grip: A)

    Utilizing advanced biotechnologies, Bio Rex was created from a fossilized dinosaur egg. Genetic design allowed for the development of higher brain functions equivalent to that of a human, but as a carnivorous predator, he is still as aggressive as Pico. He first entered the Grand Prix to prove his superiority over humans, but this time around he has entered to satisfy his ravenous appetite for mammoth ribs.

    The Skull

    Number - 16

    Gender - Male

    Age - 241

    Vehicle - Sonic Phantom (Weight: 1,010 Kg / Body: C / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    The Skull was once the greatest driver in the F-MAX Grand Prix, a competition that predates the coming of F-ZERO by some 200 years. Thanks to the inexplicable powers of science and black magic, he has returned to this world to compete once again. With his remarkable technique and decision-making powers, he now has a chance to extend his legacy into a new generation.

    Antonio Guster

    Number - 17

    Gender - Male

    Age - 36

    Vehicle - Green Panther (Weight: 2,060 Kg / Body: A / Boost: B / Grip: D)

    Antonio was the right-hand man of Samurai Goroh, but Goroh betrayed and abandoned him into the hands of the Galactic Space Allies. After his release, he became a solo bandit, and now his only purpose in life is to have his revenge on Goroh, ideally in front of millions of fans on the F-ZERO circuit.


    Number - 18

    Gender - Male

    Age - 30

    Vehicle - Hyper Speeder (Weight: 1,460 Kg / Body: C / Boost: C / Grip: A)

    Beastman became a beast hunter after a nasty encounter with a gigantic crocodile on the planet White —after surviving the ordeal, he decided that he wanted to protect people from such dangerous creatures. He is actually quite shy, and in order to keep his bashful nature from being discovered he adorned himself in the imposing outfit of a dinosaur. Before long, due to his heroic deeds and growing popularity, he became known as the Beastman. Having dealt with all the beasts on his own planet, he entered the F-ZERO GX Grand Prix for promotional reasons. There, he met Bio Rex for the first time, and knowing the creature was competing, he made a vow to protect the other pilots and crowd from such a dangerous beast.


    Number - 19

    Gender - Male

    Age - 16

    Vehicle - Space Angler (Weight: 910 Kg / Body: C / Boost: C / Grip: A)

    Leon is from the war-torn planet of Zou, where he lost both of his parents during the big war 12 years ago. As the planet suffered through the aftereffects of the war, it was decided that one F-ZERO machine should be sent to the Grand Prix with Leon as its pilot—a symbol of hope for the ailing planet. Leon has a great track record in the F-ZERO races as a result of his well-balanced abilities, and he desperately wishes to become champion in order to save the children of Zou from poverty.

    Super Arrow

    Number - 20

    Gender - Male

    Age - 35

    Vehicle - King Meteor (Weight: 860 Kg / Body: E / Boost: B / Grip: B)

    Super Arrow is a superhero who defends peace on Earth. He entered the last F-ZERO race to chase his old enemy, Zoda. At the time, Super Arrow had never even driven before, so he had to hurriedly register for an F-ZERO license just so that he could enter the race. Even so, he managed to race competitively by utilizing his superpowers. Zoda has entered the race again, and Super Arrow must do all he can to stop him and end his reign of terror. He is known for his relentlessly unforgiving attitude toward criminals, but when it comes to his wife, Mrs. Arrow, he’s as docile as a puppy.

    Mrs. Arrow

    Number - 21

    Gender - Female

    Age - 27

    Vehicle - Queen Meteor (Weight: 1,140 Kg / Body: E / Boost: B / Grip: B)

    Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband, Super Arrow, in and out of the home. She entered the last F-ZERO race to assist her husband, who had no previous experience as a pilot. An F-ZERO circuit model before marriage, she was the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot.

    Gomar & Shioh

    Number - 22

    Gender - Male / Male

    Age - 102

    Vehicle - Twin Noritta (Weight: 780 Kg / Body: E / Boost: A / Grip: C)

    On the planet Huckmine, the Furikake people have an odd custom — they pair up with a partner as soon as they’re born and do everything together. The intelligent Gomar is very short and envies the stature of Shioh, while Shioh is a tall creature who admires Gomar greatly and depends entirely on his decision-making. This peculiar pair works together, deftly manipulating their F-ZERO machine built for two. However, these two partners —who have been together as long as they can remember— will both marry next year, thereby undergoing a partner change. This event has given rise to many rumors about this F-ZERO Grand Prix being their last together.

    Silver Neelsen

    Number - 23

    Gender - Male

    Age - 98

    Vehicle - Night Thunder (Weight: 1,530 Kg / Body: B / Boost: A / Grip: E)

    People call Neelson "Ironman" Silver. Despite holding the record for the most F-ZERO races entered by a single pilot, he has yet to win a Grand Prix. He turns 99 next year and is debating retirement, but he also considers it a good possibility that he’ll continue his race career even after he turns 100. Silver still loves the old-school machines, and he’s become quite crotchety in his old age—he often criticizes the newfangled machines that other pilots are racing.

    Michael Chain

    Number - 24

    Gender - Male

    Age - 39

    Vehicle - Wild Boar (Weight: 2,110 Kg / Body: A / Boost: C / Grip: C)

    Michael is the head of the racing clan known as Bloody Chain, whose membership up until a few years ago exceeded 10,000 members. He enters the F-ZERO to showcase his skills and to represent the entire crew, but his efforts are falling short and members have begun to leave the organization. The Bloody Chain member numbers have now fallen well below 10,000, and it’s rumored that the crew could be totally dissolved in the next several years.

    Blood Falcon

    Number - 25

    Gender - Male

    Age - 37

    Vehicle - Blood Hawk (Weight: 1,170 Kg / Body: B / Boost: A / Grip: E)

    Although listed in the race literature as 37 years old, Blood Falcon is actually a clone created from Captain Falcon’s DNA, which was stolen while he was hospitalized after the huge accident four years ago. With that in mind, Blood Falcon is technically only four years old. He is capable of everything Captain Falcon can do, but he has been strictly taught to obey all the commands of his evil master, Black Shadow.

    John Tanaka

    Number - 26

    Gender - Male

    Age - 31

    Vehicle - Wonder Wasp (Weight: 900 Kg / Body: D / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    John, the mechanic of the Galactic Space Federation, is in the same unit as Jody Summer. Secretly harboring feelings for her, he entered the race to protect her from danger. If, by a stroke of luck, he wins the Grand Prix, he’s even considering proposing.


    Number - 27

    Gender - Male

    Age - 137

    Vehicle - Mighty Typhoon (Weight: 950 Kg / Body: C / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    Draq works with Roger Buster, managing a portion of their cargo-shipping business. He is an absolutely gigantic fan of F-ZERO and has dreamed of entering the circuit himself since he was small. Roughly one year ago, Draq and Roger came across two F-ZERO machines tagged with an unknown recipient and no return address. Draq quickly convinced Roger to let them enter the machines in the last Grand Prix, telling him that they would surely be recognized and the rightful owners would come forward to claim them. No one claimed the machines, however, and the two partners have decided to try again. Draq hopes to win a Grand Prix himself before the owners come to claim the machines—then he could use the prize money to buy a craft of his own.

    Roger Buster

    Number - 28

    Gender - Male

    Age - 41

    Vehicle - Mighty Hurricane (Weight: 1,780 Kg / Body: E / Boost: B / Grip: B)

    Roger is a galactic deliveryman famous for his policy of "No consignment too dangerous!" He’s set to enter the race again with Draq in machines of unknown ownership. While Draq is a huge F-ZERO fan, Roger himself isn’t too interested in it. For Roger, finding the proper owner of the machines so that he can complete his deliveries is the overall goal of the competition.

    Dr. Clash

    Number - 29

    Gender - Male

    Age - 55

    Vehicle - Crazy Bear (Weight: 2,220 Kg / Body: A / Boost: B / Grip: E)

    Dr. Clash is an F-ZERO engineer unable to give up his dream of becoming an F-ZERO pilot. He created a special gadget to compensate for his limited athletic abilities, and, after spending years of research to customize his F-ZERO machine, finally got to race.

    Black Shadow

    Number - 30

    Gender - Male

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Black Bull (Weight: 2,340 Kg / Body: A / Boost: E / Grip: A)

    Black Shadow is a cold-blooded king of evil feared by all. However, Captain Falcon has seen much success capturing his foot soldiers, and Black Shadow wants nothing more than to see the end of this meddling bounty hunter, preferably in front of millions of fans.

    Don Genie

    Number - 31

    Gender - Male

    Age - 65

    Vehicle - Fat Shark (Weight: 2,490 Kg / Body: A / Boost: B / Grip: E)

    Don Genie is the famous mogul head of the universal traders. He has been arrested countless times for secretly trading in energy resources and weapons. Each time he's arrested he's forced to pay a small fortune in bail to get himself free. At this time, it's unknown whether Don is participating in the F-ZERO races because he wants to publicize his trading company, or whether it's just for fun. One thing is for sure though: it must be related to some sinister ploy he's put together. It's also rumored that Don Genie has some connection with Black Shadow - the Emperor of Evil.


    Number - 32

    Gender - Male

    Age - 8

    Vehicle - Cosmic Dolphin (Weight: 900 Kg / Body: E / Boost: A / Grip: C)

    Digi-boy's real name is Terry Getter, and he's a young genius currently attending Einstein Academy. While he' still just a kid, he's been dubbed Digi-boy because there's no digital device he can't deftly use - he's even invented many of his own. He's also analyzed every past F-ZERO race and has subsequently devised a perfect equation to work with his self built machine so that he can win the next race. In his dictionary there is no such word as luck.

    Dai San Gen

    Number - 33

    Gender - Male / Female / Male

    Age - 64

    Vehicle - Pink Spider (Weight: 1,100 Kg / Body: C / Boost: C / Grip: A)

    These triplets come from the planet Shinar. The average lifespan of the beings of Shinar is 200 years, extremely long compared to that of earthlings. However, even after reaching adulthood, they remain quite small. Using telepathy, they don't need to speak to communicate. Dai, San and Gen have incredible teamwork skills and an amazing ability to operate their machines as one. Dai takes care of handling, San handles navigation, and Gen handles acceleration and breaking.


    Number - 34

    Gender - Male

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Magic Seagull (Weight: 1,330 Kg / Body: B / Boost: A / Grip: E)

    Spade is a circus performer and an accomplished magician. He has decided to take up racing in order to win enough money to rescue the circus from its financial difficulties. His racing techniques are risky and sometimes amazing, but he quite fickle and will sometimes drop out of a race suddenly or not run it seriously. As a result, his overall record isn't that great. Nobody, not even his friends at the circus, have seen the face behind Spade's mask.

    Dai Goroh

    Number - 35

    Gender - Male

    Age - 10

    Vehicle - Silver Rat (Weight: 880 Kg / Body: D / Boost: A / Grip: D)

    Dai Goroh is the only son of Samuri Goroh. He's so bad that even his father can't keep him under control. Dai Goroh is a master swordsman, and loves to run riot with his sword whipping through the air. He has immense respect for his father and will boast about him regarding any subject. He hops to earn the praise of his father by defeating Captain Falcon, his father's biggest enemy. As a pilot he has more aptitude and potential than his father, and many are eagerly waiting to see what kind of pilot he grows up to be.


    Number - 36

    Gender - Female

    Age - 16

    Vehicle - Spark Moon (Weight: 1,630 Kg / Body: B / Boost: C / Grip: B)

    Princia Ramode is the princess of the Desert Kingdom on the planet Magica, a society with highly advanced scientific knowledge. Her characteristic curiosity often leads her into mischief and often gets her into dangerous predicaments. In order to increase her wisdom and life experience before becoming queen she secretly ran off with her servants on an adventure to a host of other planets. When she arrived on Earth, she happened to catch a glimpse of an F-ZERO Grand Prix and whimsically decided that she, too, wanted to race. Knowing that no amount of persuasion would budge her once she sets her mind on something, her servants were left with no choice but to prepare a machine that fully utilized the scientific technology of Magica.

    Lily Flyer

    Number - 37

    Gender - Female

    Age - 14

    Vehicle - Bunny Flash (Weight: 1,414 Kg / Body: D / Boost: B / Grip: A)

    Lily is affiliated with the reserves of the Galactic Space Forces and has received extensive warfare training since shortly after she was born. She has always received excellent marks in her training classes and has even participated in recent skirmishes as emergency support. While she sometimes displays the air of a naive girl, she strictly obeys every command of her superior officers and aims to execute all of her responsibilities perfectly, regardless of their nature. Lily has entered the F-ZERO cup competition simply as part of her training. She hopes to polish her snap decision-making skills under pressure.


    Number - 38

    Gender - Male

    Age - 35

    Vehicle - Groovy Taxi (Weight: 1,280 Kg / Body: B / Boost: D / Grip: B)

    PJ works as a cabbie for Galaxy Cab, a company whose taxis travel from planet to planet all over the universe. As the biggest earner at Galaxy Cab, he demanded an increase in wages, which resulted in a fight with the owner of the company and wound up earning him a temporary suspension. PJ then saw an article about the F-ZERO races, and it changed his life. He took all of his savings and transformed his taxi into an F-ZERO machine. Can he really take the driving skills that he forged as a taxi driver and use them to win the Grand Prix?


    Number - 39

    Gender - Unknown

    Age - Unknown

    Vehicle - Rolling Turtle (Weight: 999 Kg / Body: A / Boost: D / Grip: B)

    QQQ is a junk robot that was found buried in a scrap pile in a galactic waste-management facility. It's still unclear why it was discarded there, but it was coincidentally picked from the heap and repaired by a very able space-police detective named Phoenix and quickly became his partner. For a robot, QQQ's construction is quite obsolete, but its artificial intelligence is still considered cutting-edge for any age. QQQ is tortured by the knowledge that some very important data lies somewhere in its AI programming. Since the robot was damaged when it was thrown away, its memory cannot currently access it. The truth of the mystery data is this: QQQ was brought from the future by Phoenix and has the necessary navigation hardware needed to traverse time. However, if its AI is not repaired (thereby restoring its memory), it will never be able to return to the future.


    Number - 40

    Gender - Male

    Age - 26

    Vehicle - Rainbow Phoenix (Weight: 1,080 Kg / Body: B / Boost: B / Grip: C)

    Phoenix is a time traveler who has come back in time from the future. His role is that of a space detective dispatched to protect the natural progression of time and history. He came to this era after receiving information that an event would occur in this next F-ZERO Grand Prix that would change the history of the entire universe. He's now busy running around in his beloved time machine, the Rainbow Phoenix, trying to stop this event before it occurs.

    Grand Prix Point System

    The Grand Prix mode consists of having the player against 29 other computer-controlled racers, at the end of reach race a certain number of points is awarded to all racers who could finish the race, anyone getting a retire receives 0 points, at the end whoever gathered more points wins the cup. Here's the number of points awarded to each place.

    1st - 100 points

    2nd - 93 points

    3rd - 87 points

    4th - 81 points

    5th - 76 points

    6th - 71 points

    7th - 66 points

    8th - 62 points

    9th - 58 points

    10th - 54 points

    11th - 50 points

    12th - 47 points

    13th - 44 points

    14th - 41 points

    15th - 38 points

    16th - 35 points

    17th - 33 points

    18th - 31 points

    19th - 29 points

    20th - 27 points

    21st - 25 points

    22nd - 23 points

    23rd - 22 points

    24th - 21 points

    25th - 20 points

    26th - 19 points

    27th - 18 points

    28th - 17 points

    29th - 16 points

    0th - 15 points


    A CD with the complete soundtrack set contained in F-Zero GX was released in July 22, 2004. The release consists of 2 CD's, here's the set list.

    Disc One (67:44)

    1. Captain Falcon 3:30

    2. Dr. Stewart 2:06

    3. Pico 2:00

    4. Samurai Goroh 1:23

    5. Jody Summer 1:19

    6. Mighty Gazelle 1:24

    7. Baba 1:42

    8. Octoman 1:31

    9. Dr. Clash 1:23

    10. Mr. Ead 2:13

    11. Bio Rex 1:43

    12. Billy 1"08

    13. Silver Neelsen 1:24

    14. Gomar & Shioh 1:42

    15. John Tanaka 2:22

    16. Mrs. Arrow 1:58

    17. Blood Falcon 2:01

    18. Jack Levin 1:53

    19. James McCloud 1:10

    20. Zoda 1:30

    21. Michael Chain 1:02

    22. Super Arrow 1:40

    23. Kate Alen 1:27

    24. Roger Buster 2:09

    25. Leon 1:14

    26. Draq 0:58

    27. Beastman 1:49

    28. Antonio Guster 1:29

    29. Black Shadow 1:53

    30. The Skull 1:34

    31. Deathborn 1:37

    32. Phoenix 2:20

    33. Digi-boy 2:33

    34. Dai San Gen 1:20

    35. Spade 1:25

    36. Daigoroh 1:47

    37. Pricia Ramode 1:36

    38. Lily Flyer 1:06

    39. PJ 1:12

    40. QQQ 1:02

    41. Don Genie 1:17

    Disc Two (77:31)

    1. F-ZERO TV Opening (Interview In) 0:09

    2. Brain Cleaner (Replay) 1:58

    3. U-Rays (Tutorial) 1:03

    4. Wings For My Way -ver.AX- (AX Advertise) 0:36

    5. Raise a curtain (Card Check) 1:16

    6. As you choose "3rd" (Main Selector) 1:23

    7. Short Pre-View (Course View 1) 0:10

    8. Paper Engine (Outer Space) 3:22

    9. Feel Our Pain (Fire Field) 3:00

    10. One Ahead System (Cosmo Terminal) 2:54

    11. Shotgun Kiss (Vegas Palace) 2:26

    12. The Fall (Retire) 0:09

    13. Stereo Signal (Pilot Point Result) 1:22

    14. Your Garage (Shop) 1:27

    15. Flags (Flag Open) 1:27

    16. No Time (Game Over) 0:11

    17. Feather (Customize) 1:50

    18. Refresh Time (Character's Profile) 1:08

    19. Step 70's (Option) 1:03

    20. Long Pre-View (Course View 2) 0:18

    21. 8 Guitars (Sand Ocean) 2:49

    22. Like a Snake (Port Town) 4:05

    23. Planet Colors (Green Plant) 2:14

    24. ZEN (Aeropolis) 3:48

    25. For The Glory -feat. Mutecity's Theme- (Mute City) 2:12

    26. Osc-Sync Carnival (Lightning) 2:35

    27. Infinite Blue (Big Blue) 3:22

    28. Hurrah for the Champion (Winning Run) 2:05

    29. Cover Of Mute City's Theme (Item Song 1) 1:50

    30. Cover Of Big Blue's Theme (Item Song 2) 2:23

    31. Cover Of Red Canyon's Theme (Story #2) 1:35

    32. Night Of Big Blue (Story #4) 2:01

    33. Time For Kill (Story #6) 1:59

    34. Emperor Breath (Story #8) 2:03

    35. DIZZY (Phantom Road) 2:49

    36. 2sec (Mission Clear) 0:05

    37. Finish to Go (Finish) 1:52

    38. Respect To "RESULT THEME OF F-ZERO" (Staff Role) 2:42

    39. Wings For My Way (GX Advertise) 2:55

    40. F-ZERO TV Ending (Interview Out) 0:14

    41. F-ZERO GX/AX Arrange Version "BIG BLUE" 4:41

    Other Info

    • 1-4 players simultaneous.
    • Memory blocks needed: 4
    • Progressive Scan compatible (480p) with widescreen option.

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