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    Captain Falcon

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    Captain Falcon is an F-Zero Pilot and bounty hunter from the F-Zero universe. His F-Zero machine is the Blue Falcon and with it he has won many races.

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    Aged 37, and with an unknown identity behind his mask, Captain Falcon is the star of all the F-Zero games. Originally from the mechanized trade city of Port Town, he has won a great number of Grand Prix events; however, Falcon is also an accomplished bounty hunter that pursues dangerous criminals across the entire galaxy. Everything else about him is a total mystery. His machine, the Blue Falcon, is the most balanced racer in the roster. It has excellent grip and turning response, as well as an above-average top speed, which makes him appealing to both beginners and experts. Falcon's racing number is 7.

    Other than F-Zero

    Besides racing, Captain Falcon appears in the Super Smash Bros. games as a playable fighter. His signature move is the Falcon Punch, a powerful punch that quickly charges that sends his opponents flying. The Falcon Punch has also been referenced in YouTube videos in numerous montages and memes, and even the F-Zero anime.

    In the Super Smash Bros. series

    Captain Falcon is a notorious character in the Super Smash Bros. series. He is a close-range fighter with his signature Falcon Punch.

    In the first Super Smash Bros., Captain Falcon is a high tier character with an incredible combo ability, great K.O. moves, and an average recovery. Falcon Punch, a swift, hard-hitting attack, not only K.O.s well, but also stops his air momentum, helping with his recovery. Captain Falcon is also known for his, "Show me your moves!" taunt, which is commonly used by Captain Falcon mains by taunt canceling.

    In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Captain Falcon is, again, a high tier character. He still can combo incredibly well, and has a few more K.O. attacks, but his Falcon Punch has been slowed down for balance. At his highest metagame, Captain Falcon is known for using his forward aerial, an electric knee, for combos and finishers. This move has incredible power, at medium percentages, and is arguably his most reliable K.O. attack due to its speed and hitbox. Captain Falcon was also the base model for Ganondorf.

    Blue Falcon
    Blue Falcon

    In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Captain Falcon has been nerfed incredibly. Beyond the fact hitstun is lowered and wavedashing does not exist, Captain Falcon falls slower and his knee hitbox has been made smaller, making K.O.s tougher. Captain Falcon was the worst character on the original tier list, but gradually has made his way back up since then, and currently he is slightly above bottom tier. In addition to his move set however, was his final smash that all characters in Brawl received. This move was the most like F-Zero that Captain Falcon could perform as it seen him getting into the driving seat of the Blue Falcon and running down any players who got in his way.


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