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The Blue Falcon as it name states is Captain Falcon’s machine in the F-Zero Grand Prix. It has appeared in all of the F-Zero games and it is the most balanced machine in the series. The origin of the machine is unknown, although many believe that it was designed and built by Captain Falcon himself. The Blue Falcon is also the machine with the highest winning-record in the F-Zero Grand Prix, reason why it has become virtually the symbol of F-Zero racing, and is the most recognizable machine (and a fan favorite). The Blue Falcon´s capabilities make it one of the easiest machines to pilot, yet also one of the most versatile. It has an excellent grip that shows no skidding at all, and it also has a very good structural rigidity. The only field where it takes a small burden is in boost and top speed, being only standard (they are not terrible either). Being a machine with a weight of 1260 kg, it can be considered in the light-medium class, howeever, in the track it behaves much like a lightweight machine. The Blue Falcon has been Captain Falcon´s one and only machine since his first race, however, there are rumors that he is currently working on anew project, the Neo Blue Falcon.

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