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    Blood Falcon

    Character » appears in 7 games

    An F-Zero pilot who is really a clone of Captain Falcon. However, his alignment is evil and is under the command of Black Shadow.

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    After the huge accident that paralyzed the F-Zero racing world, Captain Falcon had to be hospitalized. Some of his DNA was stolen by an unknown person, which was later used to create a clone of him, Blood Falcon. Although listed as 37 years old, Blood Falcon is technically only 4 years old. He is able to do everything Captain Falcon is capable of, and has even inherited some of his racing skills. However, he was taught to follow the paths of evil and follows the orders of his direct superior, Black Shadow.


    The Blood Hawk is one of the toughest machines to pilot in the entire roster. This is mainly because it´s terrible grip, that never gives the pilot full sense of control or confidence; even attacking other ships is hard using the Blood Hawk since it immediately slips all over the place. It´s body strength, boost, and top speed are very good, yet it is a very tough challenge to overcome the huge handling issue with the Blood Hawk. Only a truly skilled pilot will manage to use this ship to it´s full potential.

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