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    Evil Twin

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    A dark version of a game's hero, featuring many of the same powers. Usually wears black. Male evil twins often have goatees.

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    The "Evil Twin", or "Doppelganger", is a common archetype in fiction, video games included. They are essentially a villainous or malicious version of a heroic character, either because they are an evil clone, a robotic replica, an alternate reality version of the hero who chose evil, or even an unrelated person who's chosen moniker, appearance, and powers echo those of their heroic foe (such as The Flash's nemesis Reverse Flash).

    These characters often have the same name as the hero they are a dark reflection of, but with words like "Anti", "Nega", "Dark", "Evil", "Robo", "Mecha", or something else attached to emphasize that they are separate from (and more evil then), the original.


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