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    Final Boss in F-Zero GX, he becomes the main villain in the game after the player unlocks him in story mode.

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    The true emperor of evil, absolutely everything about Deathborn is a mystery. He is the primary suspect for the disappearance of many F-Zero pilots after the big accident that involved nearly every pilot in the GP. Deathborn has died three times, yet he has been revived by changing his natural body parts with mechanical parts. This is the reason why many think Deathborn is now immortal, since most of his body is already mechanized. He has a teleportation device installed within his body, which allows him to travel freely through space and appear in any place at any time. His master plan is to attain the ultimate power and become the king of the universe, goal that he has pursued by banishing many of his rivals into the darkness of space. one of his subordinates, unknown to many, is the Black Shadow.


    The Dark Schneider, also known as "Wings of Darkness" is a very fast machine, whose primary asset is it´s toughness and top speed. It´s grip isn't very good, yet it is more manageable than the Black Bull, and it is faster as well. The Dark Schneider is best used by an aggresive pilot that loves to take down other machines to attain victory by knock out, yet it has proved to be very good on corners if used with shoulder button drifting, since it´s big weight help it out in the turns by using the huge momentum it creates to exit at full speed.

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