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    StreetPass Mii Plaza

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 26, 2011

    StreetPass Mii Plaza is a collection of games designed to highlight the StreetPass functionality built into the Nintendo 3DS. Two games (Find Mii & Puzzle Swap) are automatically included while other games are available as DLC.

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    Included with the 3DS, StreetPass Mii Plaza takes advantage of multiple elements of the 3DS's functionality. Its main draw, StreetPass support, allows players to collect Miis from other players that have their 3DS in sleep mode nearby. Players will only collect the Mii of a fellow 3DS owner if the wireless functions for the 3DS are enabled using the wireless switch on the side. Any Miis collected will arrive in the plaza with a customizable greeting and share a bit of information about themselves including the most recent game they have played. Up to ten Miis can be collected at a time, and then they must be cleared out by welcoming them through the gate before more Miis can be collected.

    The 3DS Firmware 3.0 update in November 2011 added many new features: Accomplishments, a sound test music player, more puzzles for Puzzle Swap, and a new adventure in Find Mii 2/Streetpass Quest.

    In June 2013, an update added optional DLC to StreetPass Plaza with four new games that could be purchased.

    Puzzle Swap

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    Puzzle Swap is one of the two included games in StreetPass Mii Plaza. The goal is simple: collect puzzle pieces from other 3DS players via StreetPass. Users start with one piece of one puzzle, and if they encounter someone with a puzzle piece they don't have, they can copy one piece into their own collection. Two Play Coins can be spent to buy a random puzzle piece; however, there is no guarantee this will always be a new piece, and the chance of receiving a new piece gets lower if there are fewer spaces left to fill. Pieces bought with Play Coins have zero chance of belonging to a completed puzzle, or one they haven't received a piece for yet. Once a puzzle is completed, a 3D animation of the puzzle is unlocked.

    The December 2011 Firmware 3.0 update added new puzzles for the first time. These puzzles had 24 or 40 pieces and included pink pieces (4 and 8 respectively) that could only be obtained via StreetPass as opposed to using Play Coins.

    Puzzle NamePiecesJP ReleaseNA ReleaseEU ReleaseAU Release
    Metroid: Other M15LaunchLaunchLaunchLaunch
    Mario & Bowser15LaunchLaunchLaunchLaunch
    The Legend of Zelda15LaunchLaunchLaunchLaunch
    Super Mario Galaxy 215LaunchLaunchLaunchLaunch
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii15LaunchLaunchLaunchLaunch
    Rhythm Heaven Fever24Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Donkey Kong Country Returns24Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Star Fox 64 3D24Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Pilotwings Resort24Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Ocarina of Time 3D24Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Super Mario 3D Land40Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Mario Kart 740Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011Dec 12, 2011
    Kid Icarus: Uprising40Feb 26, 2012Feb 26, 2012Feb 26, 2012Feb 26, 2012
    Mario Tennis Open40Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012
    Fire Emblem: Awakening40Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012Apr 21, 2012
    Kirby's 20th Anniversary Collection40July 19, 2012July 19, 2012July 19, 2012July 19, 2012
    Brain Age: Concentration Training24July 19, 2012Feb 21, 2013--
    McDonald's Big Mac15Aug 3, 2012---
    ANA All Nippon Airways jet15Aug 6, 2012---
    New Super Mario Bros. 240Aug 9, 2012Aug 9, 2012Aug 9, 2012Aug 9, 2012
    Kirby's Return to Dream Land40Nov 7, 2012Nov 7, 2012Nov 7, 2012Nov 7, 2012
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf40Nov 7, 2012May 17, 2013
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon40Mar 23, 2013Mar 23, 2013
    Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger40May 24, 2013May 24, 2013June 24, 2013June 24, 2013
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword40June 18, 2013July 11, 2013June 18, 2013
    Xenoblade Chronicles40June 18, 2013July 11, 2013June 18, 2013
    New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U40June 18, 2013July 11, 2013June 18, 2013
    Nintendo Starlets (Peach, Zelda, Rosalina, Pauline)40June 18, 2013July 11, 2013June 18, 2013
    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team40July 11, 20113-

    July 11, 2013

    Chibi Robo!: Photo Finder40August 6, 2013
    Rusty's Real Deal Baseball24September 6, 2013
    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y40October 11, 2013October 11, 2013October 12, 2013
    Monster Hunter 440

    December 18, 2013

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe40

    December 26, 2013

    Super Mario 3D World40

    February 20, 2014

    Find Mii / StreetPass

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    Find Mii is the second game built into the StreetPass Mii Plaza. The title uses basic RPG elements. The user's Mii is the king or queen of a kingdom, but is captured at the beginning of the story. Mii characters met via StreetPass are 'Heroes' that are then used to save him or her. Players can also spend two Play Coins to hire a low-level Wanderer, which look like cats or dogs. Wanderers are never naturally above Level 2. For each time a player encounters a specific Mii via StreetPass, that Mii's level increases by one, up to a maximum of seven. Each level boosts the damage a Hero can do against enemies.

    Combat is basic in terms of RPGs as each Mii or Wanderer has a handful of available actions. A Mii's most basic attack is a 3-hit slash with his/her sword, which does damage equal to his/her level on each hit (unless an enemy has armor or other means of resistance). Each Mii also has a magic spell, which is determined by the color of their shirt. With the introduction of Firmware 3.0 and Find Mii 2, Miis can also purchase potions with various effects. More importantly, Miis wearing the same (or similar) colored (such as red and pink) shirts can join forces to double team enemies for greater effect. Teamed up Mii's do noticeably more damage. Having an effective level one greater than the sum of the 2. And they get one additional swing. So two level 1s would do 12 damage as a team instead of 6 separately

    BlackCovers the area in darkness.Increase chance of critical hits. Decrease chance of misses.
    BlueAttacks with water.
    BrownSummons a wandering hero.Random color cat/dog hero appears. Maximum of level 2.
    GreenStrengthens next hero.Doubles the level of the next Mii. Cannot exceed Level 7.
    Light BlueFreezes enemies.Sword attacks continue until freeze wears off.
    Light GreenPuts enemies to sleep.Sword attacks continue until enemy wakes up.
    OrangeInvigorates heroes.Extra (4th) sword attack.
    PinkFills heroes with daring.Increase chance of critical hits. Decrease chance of misses. Miis will not finish combat until at least one hit has landed.
    PurpleAttacks with poison.Every enemy takes an additional 1 point of damage after each remaning hero's turn ends.
    RedAttacks with fire.
    WhiteBathes area with light.Illuminates dark rooms. Does extra damage to most Reapers.
    YellowCreates sandstorm.

    Upon completion of certain rooms, the player is awarded with hats to put on their Mii in the StreetPass Plaza. Some hats can only be earned by choosing to play the quest a second time after completing it once.

    Once the Find Mii has been completed twice, a new quest called Find Mii II opens. Find Mii II has multiple paths to pick from, many new hats, and noticably harder enemies. After Find Mii II has been cleared three times, the Secret Quest unlocks. This contains even more monsters and hats requiring many runs to fully clear it.

    The unlockable hats in the original Find Mii are as follows:

    • Mario's Cap
    • Luigi's Cap
    • Toad Hat
    • Bowser Hat
    • Red Pikmin Hat
    • Link's cap
    • Samus's Helmet
    • Metroid Hat
    • Kirby Hat
    • Cat Ears
    • Dog Ears
    • Bunny Ears
    • Crown
    • Ultimate Helmet

    The unlockable hats in Find Mii 2 are as follows:

    • Yoshi Hat
    • Top Hat
    • Arwing Hat
    • Ninja Hood
    • Prince's Crown
    • Cheeseburger Hat
    • Floral Hat
    • Epona Hat
    • Donkey Kong Hat
    • Peach's Crown
    • Pirate Hat
    • Triforce Hat
    • Beehive Wig
    • Wario Hat
    • Boo Hat
    • Soccer Hat
    • Shyguy Mask
    • Pizza Hat
    • Dark Lord Helmet
    • Warp Pipe Hat
    • Panda Hat
    • Lacy Headband
    • Tomato Hat
    • Piranha Plant Hat
    • Daisy's Crown
    • Bear Hat
    • Magic Hat
    • Waluigi Hat

    Warrior's Way

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    • Released: July 12, 2013

    Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Warrior's Way is a game that let's players battle against each other using armies built from the Miis they have encountered via StreetPass.

    Each visiting Mii adds troops to your army equal to the number of Mii's in their plaza.

    Flower Town

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    • Released: July 12, 2013

    Developed by Grezzo, Flower Town is a garden simulator which relies on Miis from StreetPassing to water the player's plants. Players can collect new, unique seeds from other Miis and arrange their garden to their liking.

    Monster Manor

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    • Released: July 12, 2013

    Developed by Prope, Monster Manor requires players to escape a haunted mansion by using puzzle pieces from other Miis to create a path through a maze.

    Each visiting Mii delivers a map piece colored like their shirt. The Mii's level increases the choices you get for pieces. Placing matching colors will build rooms that contain treasure. Placing unmatched colors creates doors to hallways that may contain ghosts to fight. Hidden in each floor is a staircase to the next floor. When that is discovered you can ascend to the next floor, although certain floors have bosses you need to defeat first. Any new piece can be placed on any floor you have visited before.

    Battles consist of shooting with your gun and activating your shield to block. Both of these actions deplete your batteries, so combat is a balance of not attacking so much that you can't defend when an attack comes. Shots can additionally be charged for additional damage. There are five types of gun you can wield, and each one is strong against certain types of ghost. Guns also often have special abilities, such as increasing your batteries or giving more health.

    Mii Force

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    • Released: July 12, 2013

    Developed by Good Feel, Mii Force is a 2D side-scrolling and isometric shoot 'em up.

    Each Mii visiting your plaza can either fill one of four weapon slots on your ship or power up an already filled slot. There are 3 front slots and one back. Each of them can be powered up twice. The weapon's type is determined by the Mii's shirt color.

    Ultimate Angler

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    • Released: April 16, 2015

    Developed by Prope, Ultimate Angler (StreetPass Fishing in Europe) is a fishing game where players collect bait from the Miis they StreetPass and attempt to catch over 150 different fish and other aquatic creatures.

    Battleground Z

    No Caption Provided
    • Released: April 16, 2015

    Developed by Good-Feel, Battleground Z (StreetPass Zombies in Europe) is a beat 'em up in which Miis do battle with hordes of zombies in the village of Hobbiville. As the town's name would imply, Miis here are very much into their hobbies. So, players' weapons are determined by the hobby they select in their Mii's profile.

    Market Crashers

    • Released: September 1, 2016

    Developed by Good-Feel, Market Crashers (StreetPass Trader in PAL regions) is a fast-paced game about predicting stocks.

    Slot Car Rivals

    • Released: September 1, 2016

    Developed by Good-Feel, Slot Car Rivals ((StreetPass Slot Racer in PAL regions) is an authentic slot racing game requiring but a single button to play.

    Feed Mii

    • Released: September 1, 2016

    Developed by Prope, Feed Mii (StreetPass Chef in PAL regions) is a game about combining the right ingredients to cook the appropriate meal for the travelers passing through.

    Ninja Launcher

    • Released: September 1, 2016

    Developed by Prope, Ninja Launcher (StreetPass Ninja in PAL regions) is about analyzing the trajectory of the character's flight out of a cannon to gather their equipment and defeat the approaching foes.

    Mii Trek

    • Released: September 1, 2016

    Developed by Arzest, Mii Trek (StreetPass Explorers in PAL regions) is centered around the idea of exploring a map and finding treasure, planning the ideal route to possible locations of interest taking into account the available steps from StreetPass guests.


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