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    Pokémon X/Y

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Oct 12, 2013

    The first Pokémon games on the 3DS and the first to be released simultaneously worldwide.

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    The game's starter Pokémon: Chespin (grass), Fennekin (fire), and Froakie (water).
    The game's starter Pokémon: Chespin (grass), Fennekin (fire), and Froakie (water).

    Pokémon X and Pokémon Y was released to the Nintendo 3DS worldwide on October 12, 2013. This marks the sixth generation of Pokémon games, and the first mainline Pokemon games to feature full 3D polygonal graphics. The game features a large number of new Pokémon (including the new starter Pokémon, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie), as well as returning Pokémon such as Pikachu, Lucario, and the Pokémon Red/Blue starters, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. It also introduces the all-new Fairy Type; the first new Pokémon type since 2000's Pokémon Gold/Silver. Other major new mechanics include Mega Evolution - a new temporary power-up that can change the stats, abilities and even Types of select Pokémon, including Blastoise, Mewtwo and Garchomp - Pokémon-Amie (a Nintendogs-esque tool for interacting with Pokémon via the 3DS touchscreen), trainer customization (allowing control over the hairstyle, clothing and skin tone over the player character) and Super Training, giving more in-depth information on each Pokémon's unique specialties.


    A player character roller skating in an area reminiscent of Paris, France.
    A player character roller skating in an area reminiscent of Paris, France.

    Pokémon X & Y is set in the region of Kalos, a new region inspired by the country of France. The French inspiration is particularly noticeable in Lumiose City, a new city heavily reminiscent of Paris, down to the large, Eiffel Tower-esque landmark in the city center.

    As in previous Pokémon games, the Kalos region features a variety of different climates and terrains, including beaches, frigid mountains, grasslands and a desert. Kalos is notable for the large amount of rivers running throughout the region.

    Previous inspirations for the Pokémon games were various regions of Japan (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) and The United States of America (Unova).


    The Japanese logos (Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y).
    The Japanese logos (Pocket Monsters X and Pocket Monsters Y).

    As usual, the story revolves around a nameable protagonist and his/her journey traveling across the region, meeting pokémon and raising pokémon for battle leading to an eventual victory at the pokémon league and as well as the defeat of an organization (Team Flare) that is trying to use the power of a legendary pokémon for nefarious purposes. However, unlike previous entries in the franchise a single rival-character is instead replaced by a group of friends that the player comes across from time to time. Additionally the new mega evolution mechanic takes a role in the story presented.

    Changes and New Editions from Previous Games in the Series

    • Pokémon X and Y make several significant changes from previous games in the series. Most notable amongst these is the transition to fully 3D polygonal visuals in both the overworld and in battles. This sees battles being somewhat more animated than in previous games, similar in presentation to the Pokémon Stadium games.
    • The games are also the first to see a simultaneous worldwide release, a big change from the games' usual Japan-first release dates.
    • A total of 69 new Pokémon have been added bringing the total number of Pokémon to 718.
    • This generation also adds "Fairy" as a Pokémon type. New Pokémon, like Sylveon, and existing ones, like Jigglypuff and Marill, will fall into this category. Fairy-type moves are "super effective" against Dragon-type Pokémon.
    • Now players can walk in 8 different direction unlike the previous 4 directions from the older games. There will also be the ability to ride some Pokémon in certain situations though the exact details are unknown at this point.
    • The ability to have battles in the Sky is also added, it will be similar to previous environments but only flying types and those that can levitate will be able to participate.
    • Horde Encounters can now take place where the player can take on up to 5 wild Pokémon in battle. These will serve as a fast way to gain experience but the player's Pokémon will have to withstand all the attacks of the wild Pokémon.
    • A new method of evolution has been added; Mega Evolution allows certain Pokémon to evolve to different, powerful, forms such as MegaMewtwo, MegaBlaziken, and MegaLucario among others. To Mega Evolve these Pokémon, they need to be holding a special Mega Stone item unique to their species. Mega evolution seems to be a temporary change in form, beginning when the Pokémon begins battle and ends when they leave it.

    X Exclusive Pokémon

    Y Exclusive Pokémon


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    This map highlights all of the Cities, Towns, and other points of interest. This map includes which cities/towns have a Pokémon Center, and have a gym where the player's trainer can obtain a gym badge. Vaniville Town (number 1 on the map) is the town they will start in. Aquacorde Town (number 2 on the map) is where they will obtain their first Pokémon. All cities and towns, except Vaniville Town (number 1) and Aquacorde Town (number 2), have a Pokémon Center where they can heal their Pokémon, and buy items for game play. Lumiose City (number 4) is not entirely discovered at once. The bottom half is discovered early in the game, and the rest of the city, including the gym, later in the game. The numbering on this map may or may not match up to the order that the cities/towns are found.


    As of September 30 2016, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have sold a combined 15.64 million copies worldwide.


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