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    Mega Evolution

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    Mega Evolution is a new type of evolution that debuted in Pokémon X and Y, in which specific Pokémon can become new, more powerful evolutions.

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    Mega Evolution is a mechanic introduced in Pokemon X/Y. Mega Evolution allows the player to temporarily transform certain Pokemon into stronger forms during a battle. When Pokemon Mega Evolve their type and/or ability may change, allowing them to function differently in battle.


    When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, its base stats and ability change. Depending on the Pokemon, its type may change as well, granting it resistances, immunities or weaknesses. The changes caused by Mega Evolution often allow a Pokemon to behave differently in battle, often allowing it to take better advantage of its type combination or base stats and move. For Example, Mega Kangaskhan's Parental Bond ability allows it to better utilize its Attack stat by making all damaging moves attack twice, with the second attack dealing half damage.

    The Mega Evolving Pokemon's base stats also increase during the evolution. The base stat increases vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, but the Mega Pokemon's base stats are always 100 points higher than that of their base form. The sole exception to this is Mega Alakazam, whose base stats are 90 points higher than those of its base form (however, the base stat increase would be equal to 100 if compared to Alakazam's base stats prior to Generation VI).


    Due to the powerful effects of Mega Evolution, some limitations have been placed to prevent the mechanic from being overused. Each Trainer may only Mega Evolve one Pokemon per battle. Mega Pokemon will revert back to their base form if knocked out. Pokemon may only Mega Evolve once per battle, so if a Mega Pokemon is knocked out and revived, it may not Mega Evolve again. Mega Pokemon will also revert to their base form when a battle ends. In order for a Pokemon to Mega Evolve, it must also be holding a Mega Stone. Each Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution has its own unique Mega Stone that must be obtained and given to the Pokemon to hold before it can Mega Evolve.

    Mega Evolution Capable Pokemon

    Below is a table listing all known Mega Evolution capable Pokemon, their types in both their base forms and Mega Forms, as well as possible base form abilities and their Mega Form ability.

    PokemonPre-Mega TypeMega TypePre-Mega AbilityMega Ability
    AbomasnowGrass/IceGrass/IceSnow Warning or SoundproofSnow Warning
    AbsolDarkDarkPressure, Super Luck or JustifiedMagic Bounce
    AerodactylRock/FlyingRock/FlyingRock Head, Pressure or UnnerveTough Claws
    AggronSteel/RockSteelSturdy, Rock Head or Heavy MetalFilter
    AlakazamPsychicPsychicSynchronize, Inner Focus or Magic GuardTrace
    AmpharosElectricElectric/DragonStatic or PlusMold Breaker
    AudinoNormalNormal/FairyHealer, Regenerator or KlutzHealer
    BanetteGhostGhostInsomnia, Frisk or Cursed BodyPrankster
    BlastoiseWaterWaterTorrent or Rain DishMega Launcher
    BlazikenFire/FightingFire/FightingBlaze or Speed BoostSpeed Boost
    CameruptFire/GroundFire/GroundMagma Armor, Solid Rock or Anger PointSheer Force



    Blaze or Solar Power

    Tough Claws (X)

    Drought (Y)

    DiancieRock/FairyRock/FairyClear BodyMagic Bounce
    GalladePsychic/FightingPsychic/FightingSteadfast or JustifiedInner Focus
    GarchompDragon/GroundDragon/GroundSand Veil or Rough SkinSand Force
    GardevoirPsychic/FairyPsychic/FairySynchronize, Trace or TelepathyPixilate
    GengarGhost/PoisonGhost/PoisonLevitateShadow Tag
    GroudonGroundGround/FireDroughtDesolate Land
    GyaradosWater/FlyingWater/DarkIntimidate or MoxieMold Breaker
    HeracrossBug/FightingBug/FightingSwarm, Guts or MoxieSkill Link
    HoundoomDark/FireDark/FireEarly Bird, Flash Fire or UnnerveSolar Power
    KangaskhanNormalNormalEarly Bird, Scrappy or Inner FocusParental Bond
    KyogreWaterWaterDrizzlePrimordial Sea
    LopunnyNormalNormal/FightingCute Charm, Klutz or LimberScrappy
    LucarioFighting/SteelFighting/SteelSteadfast, Inner Focus or JustifiedAdaptability
    ManectricElectricElectricStatic, Lightning Rod or MinusIntimidate
    MawileSteel/FairySteel/FairyHyper Cutter, Intimidate or Sheer ForceHuge Power
    MedichamFighting/PsychicFighting/PsychicPure Power or TelepathyPure Power
    MetagrossSteel/PsychicSteel/PsychicClear Body or Light MetalTough Claws

    Psychic/Fighting (X)

    Psychic (Y)

    Pressure or Unnerve

    Steadfast (X)

    Insomnia (Y)


    BugBug/FlyingHyper Cutter, Mold Breaker or MoxieAerilate


    Dragon/FlyingDragon/FlyingAir LockDelta Stream
    SableyeDark/GhostDark/GhostKeen Eye, Stall or PranksterMagic Bounce
    SalamenceDragon/FlyingDragon/FlyingIntimidate or MoxieAerilate
    SceptileGrassGrass/DragonOvergrow or UnburdenLightning Rod
    ScizorBug/SteelBug/SteelSwarm, Technician or Light MetalTechnician
    SharpedoWater/DarkWater/DarkRough Skin or Speed BoostStrong Jaw
    SlowbroWater/PsychicWater/PsychicOblivious, Own Tempo or RegeneratorShell Armor
    SwampertWater/GroundWater/GroundTorrent or DampSwift Swim
    TyranitarRock/DarkRock/DarkSand Stream or UnnerveSand Stream
    VenusaurGrass/PoisonGrass/PoisonOvergrow or ChlorophyllThick Fat

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