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    Bloopers are squid-like creatures that are usually white. They are usually seen underwater and attack enemies by chasing them and trying to catch them.

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    Bloopers are squid enemies from the Super Mario Bros series. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros for the NES, and they've been a regular in the games since then. Bloopers inhabit the underwater levels in the game. Their movement is somewhat erratic, as they swim in short, quick bursts. They move better in water than Mario does, and they can be difficult to dodge. Super Mario Bros 3 introduced a variant Blooper that trailed tiny baby Bloopers behind it, which were equally deadly.

    Blooper Rides

    Beginning in Super Mario Sunshine, Bloopers started to show a friendlier, more helpful side. Some of the levels had a Blooper that Mario was able to ride on like a jet ski. Those levels had Mario riding the Blooper around a set course, where one could be awarded a star if they could finish under the time limit.

    In Japanese, originally known in English as Bloobers are white, squid-like creatures that first appear in Super Mario Bros.. In some Mario sports games and the Mario Kart series, they are items that can be used by players; in the latter, they temporarily blind drivers. Blooper is also an unlockable playable character in Mario Party 8.

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