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    Ricco Harbor

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    A bustling seaport located on the coast of Isle Delfino, and the second main stage of Super Mario Sunshine.

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    Ricco Harbor is the second main stage of Super Mario Sunshine. Located on Isle Delfino's southern coastline, this busy port consists of several structures built along the docks, as well as a complex series of support beams and catwalks hanging over several seafaring vessels moored in the harbor's waters. This stage becomes available once Mario has collected at least three Shine Sprites and defeats the Polluted Piranha that has engulfed Delfino Plaza's Boathouse; it can be then be reached though the "Rainbow M" portal on the side of the Boathouse. "Ricco" is the Italian word for "rich," likely referring to the profitable commerce conducted through the harbor.

    Mario is dropped into the level in a small paved area with a number of warehouses. Near this area there are two boats and stretching out across the water there is a long and winding system of scaffolding. Along one side of the level there are a number of coastal shops, a helipad, and a lighthouse with scaffolding around it.


    Episode 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out

    In this episode Mario must make his way over to a stack of shipping containers on one side of the level. In these containers he finds and defeats the giant blooper, Gooper Blooper.

    Episode 2: Blooper-Surfing Safari

    Mario must enter an area under the harbor and surf on a blooper from one end to the other without hitting any obstacles and without reaching the time limit.

    Episode 3: The Caged Shine Sprite

    Mario must make his way across the scaffolding above the water to a cage which holds the shine sprite.

    Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower

    In this episode there is a secret level accessible from the top of the harbor lighthouse which Mario must reach and complete to collect the shine sprite.

    Episode 5: Gooper Blooper Returns

    In this episode Gooper Blooper returns on the Ricco Harbor helipad and Mario must once again defeat him.

    Episode 6: Red Coins on the Water

    Here there are 8 red coins spread out across the water of the harbor and Mario must surf around on a blooper to collect them.

    Episode 7: Shadow Mario Revisited

    A standard Shadow Mario level where Mario must chase him around Ricco Harbor and defeat him to gain the shine sprite.

    Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

    In this episode Mario must use a Yoshi to traverse a number of platforms raised above the water and reach the shine sprite.

    Episode 9: Red Coins in Ricco Tower

    Here Mario must return to episode to the secret area from episode 4 and collect 8 red coins within to gain the shine sprite.

    Episode 10: Blooper-Surfing Sequel

    In this episode, Mario must return to the area from episode 2 and surf a Blooper back through the course, but with a stricter time limit.


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