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    Bio Rex

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    Created from a fossilized dinosaur egg, Bio Rex is one of the most aggressive F-Zero pilots, due to his primal brain capabilities. His machine is the Big Fang.

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    Bio Re was bred in a laboratory, using advanced genetic technology to recreate him from the DNA of a fossilized egg. This means that Bio Rex, although is big in size, is only 9 years old. His genetic code was also altered to increase brain capabilities, bringing them close to that of a human´s. However, Bio Rex still retains much of his primal instincts and is a dangerous carnivore, a very aggressive pilot feared by many in the circuit. He loves mammoth ribs, which is the main reason why he entered the GP. He is chased by Beastman, who is seduced by the idea of capturing Bio Rex.


    The Big Fang behaves very similarly to Jack Levin´s Astro Robin: it has an excellent grip and solid build. However, it doesn´t quite match it´s acceleration, but makes up for it by building a superior top speed. Also, the Big Fang is more oriented towards pilots whose style is grip drving, since the Big Fang sticks to the track remarkably well. Advice is to take advantage of the machine´s toughness to be aggresive against other pilots and use boosts while exiting turns.

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