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    Jack Levin

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    A former singstar (probably from a boy band), Levin is one of the favorited pilots by the F-Zero female fans. He is credited by his good looks and racing skills.

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    Jack is widely regarded as a very talented popstar, who has won the hearts of many girls across the galaxy (he is only 19 years old). However, he shocked everyone when he announced that he was going to pursue his dream of becoming an F-Zero pilot, which raised his popularity even more. He is one of the Grand Prix´s most popular pilots (specially among the girls) and sells his own merchandise, which is a sellout in every GP.


    The Astro Robin is one of those machines suitable for any pilot out there, basically because it offers the possibility of both grip and drift driving depending on the stress you put on the steering and the leaning through the corners. It has also good acceleration and solid build, decent top speed and below average boost. However, the Astro Robin is one of the few machines that most players find without blemish at all.

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