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    Super Arrow

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    A superhero that protects the earth, he entered the F-Zero GP to chase his rival, Zoda. He has no racing experience, yet his superpowers help him cover the lack of it.

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    Super Arrow is a brave superhero that fights for peace on earth. He is 35 years old, yet his real name is a mystery. He entered the F-Zero GP to hunt down his main enemy, Zoda, and he could just barely register a machine for the Grand Prix. Using his super-reflexes and his athletic abilities, Super Arrow can race competitively covering his lack of experience, and will not rest until he catches Zoda. He is known for being relentless towards criminals, but is a sweet-hearted man, quality that is only shown when he is around his wife, Mrs.Arrow.


    The King Meteor is a compact, agile machine that has very good acceleration and boost, as well as a solid grip. However it is extremely vulnerable to attacks, which means that the King Meteor must be piloted using some defensive skills and relying more on boost power than on attaining top speed by the ship´s capacity alone.

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