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    A superhero is a fictional character of unprecedented physical prowess dedicated to acts of derring-do in the public interest.

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    The original superheroes may have descended from the ancient cultures and mythologies of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, India, China, Rome, Japan, and the many hero tales and epics told in those times. They would often depict great warriors (sometimes referred to as gods) with large flaws or that had performed great feats, just like superheroes today.

    The phrase "super heroes" is trademarked jointly by Marvel and DC comics. As a result, games not based on Marvel or DC licenses will often claim to be "super-powered hero" games.

    Superhero History Facts:

    Types of Superheros:

    • Armored hero: A gadgeteer whose powers are derived from a suit of powered armor.
    • Blaster: A hero whose main power is a distance attack, usually an energy blast.
    • Brick/tank: A character with a superhuman degree of strength and endurance and usually an oversized muscular body.
    • Elementalist: A hero who controls some natural element or part of the natural world.
    • Gadgeteer: A hero who invents special equipment that often imitates superpowers.
    • Healer: A hero who is able to quickly recover from serious injury.
    • Mage: A hero who is trained in the use of magic.
    • Marksman: A hero who uses projectile weapons, typically guns, bows, arrows, or throwing blades.
    • Martial Artist: A hero whose hand-to-hand combat skills are phenomenal, common among Asian superheroes.
    • Mecha/Robot Pilot: A hero who controls a giant robot, a subtype common in Japanese superhero and science fiction media.
    • Mentalist: A hero who possesses psionic abilities, such as telekinesis, telepathy, and extra sensory perception.
    • Possessed: A hero who harbors an entity inside of him/herself.
    • Shapeshifter: A hero who can manipulate his/her own body to suit his/her needs, such as stretching, or disguise. Other such shapeshifters can transform into animals, Animan or inorganic materials.
    • Size Changer: A hero who can alter his/her size.
    • Slasher: A hero whose main power is some form of hand-to-hand cutting weapon; either devices, such as knives or swords, Katana or natural, such as claws.
    • Speedster: A hero possessing superhuman speed and reflexes.
    • Mastermind/Super Genius: A hero possessing superhuman intelligence or intellect.

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