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    The Batcave is the secret lair of The Dark Knight. A cavernous series of connecting cave systems located deep below Wayne Manor, the Batcave provides both storage and sanctuary to Batman during his fight against crime.

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    A series of cave systems was discovered by Bruce Wayne during his early forays into crime fighting. Originally used by his ancestors during the Civil War to transport and harbor slaves along the Underground Railroad, Wayne found the location ideal for storing his crime fighting equipment. It is usually depicted as the home of numerous real bats.
    The cave is commonly depicted as having two entrances: one is located within Wayne Manor, usually behind a grandfather clock or a hidden bookshelf. The second leads directly to the wilderness surrounding the manor and is concealed either by a naturally-occurring waterfall or a force field camouflage system. 
    Batman stores numerous supplies within the Batcave, including alternate Batsuits, the Batmobile, the Batwing, and his extensive array of different vehicles and crime fighting tools. Wayne also has a penchant for collecting trophies from the super villains he defeats, such as a giant penny representing Two-Face and a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex. The cave also contains a tribute to fallen Robin; Jason Todd. 
    The heart of the Batcave is The Dark Knight's sophisticated computer command center, providing access to his extensive criminal database. From his terminal, Batman can monitor the entirety of Gotham City, as well as run sophisticated scientific experiments. The system is capable of generating three dimensional projections of data and has been rumored to be near the power of the theorized quantum computer.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Batman makes use of a specialized Batcave hidden on Arkham Island, constructed some time before Joker's attempted poisoning of Gotham City with Titan. The cave is much smaller than the main Batcave, but still contains a sophisticated computer system capable of remote access to Batman's immense database. The Dark Knight uses the system to receive data from Oracle on Dr. Penelope Young's finances and Titan research. He also uses its manufacturing capabilities to create an antidote to the TItan toxin using spore samples collected from Killer Croc's lair. 
    The Batcave can be entered via a hidden cave entrance near Dead Man's Point that is only accessible by air. The door to the Batcave is camouflaged and contains sophisticated scanning and countermeasure devices. In addition to the computer system, the Batcave contains one of The Dark Knight's Batwings. 
    After Joker injects Poison Ivy with Titan, her plant's begin overrunning the island. A monstrous root system invades the Batcave and destroys the computer system, leaving Batman unable to manufacture more of the Titan antidote.

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