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The Golden Age Huntress

Also known as the Silver age Huntress
Also known as the Silver age Huntress

The Huntress has two major versions. The first one was introduced in a Comic book story taking place on "Earth-Two" an alternate universe in the comics. She is the daughter between Bruce Wayne and Catwoman. She grows up in a rich environment, becomes athletic, and joins a Law firm where Dick Greyson, also know as the original Robin, is her partner. After a criminal blackmails Selina to become Catwoman again she refuses and this leads to her death. Helena is angered by this and using her parents equipment, she becomes the crime fighter the Huntress and seeks to find justice for the criminal responsible for killing her mother. She stays a crime fighter from then on.

The Silver Age/Modern Huntress

Known as Helena Bertinelli, she had a very rough childhood being molested, beaten and mentally humiliated. When at the age of 19 she sees her entire family murdered at a wedding.

Also known as the golden age Huntress
Also known as the golden age Huntress

She decides she wants to put an end to the crime families once and for all. Batman Does not approve of the Huntress at first because she was overly violent. Tim Drake, the third robin, has a good relationship with her and even clears here name from a murder case. She also had a brief romantic relationship with Nightwing. It takes a while but eventually she becomes a respected member of the Justice League thanks to the influence of the other superheroes. In the Comic Mini-series, No Man's Land, she temporarily takes the role of Batgirl. She discovers that criminals fear her more as Batgirl than they did when she was the Huntress. She fails to protect Batman's territory when he disappeared leading to an argument which eventually makes her resume her role as the Huntress once again.

Helena is an Italian American, who comes from a traditional Italian background. She is a devout Catholic, with a strong-willed personality and code of honor. A cunning woman, Huntress is very well-informed on the criminal underworld. Her becoming a superhero was ironic, as she was born into one of Gotham's largest crime families. Her family was murdered by an assassin, hired by her father's lawyer. During her time in New York, she got a job as a teacher.

She is a former member of the "Birds of Prey", a team consisting of super-heroines, founded by Barbara Gordon (The first Batgirl).

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