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    DC Legends

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    DC Legends is a mobile RPG starring DC's popular comic book characters.

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    DC Legends is a Character Collecting RPG that puts players in charge of the heroes and villains of the DC Comics Multiverse in a fast-paced strategy battle game. This game is very similar to other games such as Marvel Strike Force and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in terms of gameplay. Featuring both a Campaign Mode and PVP, the game boasts features that allow for both F2P and P2W styles of gameplay. Additionally, the game sports an Alliance System that allows players to form teams and compete against one another in a ranked ladder.


    DC Legends features turn-based combat which operates on a turn-meter system. Each character has a number of active and passive skills which can be leveled up using resources that can be accrued by playing the game or by engaging the gacha mechanics. The player assembles a team of up to four heroes and villains, each of whom fills various roles on the team. One character functions as the Team Leader, and some characters possess passive Leader Traits which can be the basis of an organizing strategy for different team builds.

    Combat itself operates under a Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanic. Each character is assigned a colored trait - Physical (Red), Magic (Blue), Energy (Green). Physical is strong against Magic, but weak against Energy. Magic is strong against Energy but weak against Physical. Energy is strong against Physical but weak against Magic. For example, Batman is Physical, Wonder Woman is Magic, and Superman is Energy. Additionally, each character has several traits Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Stamina (STA), Intelligence (INT) and Hit Points (HP). These key traits can be augmented using resources gathered by playing the game to upgrade each character's Gear, and their combination generally determines the type of rolls a given character can be used to fill.

    Each Assembled Team has a combat rating based upon the combination of the individual values of each character on the team.

    Story Mode

    The main campaign features a narrative driven by Hal Jordan, Zatanna, and Batman in a struggle against the Black Lantern forces of the cosmic entity Nekron. There are 8 Standard Chapters with several levels in each, as well as Heroic Chapters unlocked by achieving a max rank in each level. Standard Chapters reward players with resources, and Heroic Chapters also possess the chance to drop fragments of the featured character used to unlock and upgrade characters.


    The typical PvP in DC Legends is against ghost clones of other player's registered teams - referred to as Wraiths in the game. These Wraiths are controlled by the game's AI. Completing the list of available opponents in any given PvP combat mode will reward the player with featured Hero Fragments. The PvP has various rewards based off the user ratings which improve with each victory.


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