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    Justice League Heroes

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Oct 17, 2006

    Justice League Heroes is an Action-RPG that allows you to play as members of the Justice League of America as they work together to take down the various villains in the game.

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    Justice League Heroes is a game based around the Justice League of America and was developed by Snowblind Studios. Each level lets you control two members of the Justice League (which is usually determined by the location of the level and by what powers are necessary in that level) who can be switched on the fly.

    Plot Summary (Spoilers)

    Batman and Superman foil an attack by Brainiac controlled robots and Brainiac on STAR Labs. However, it is revealed that this was merely a diversion for the heroes because this was a copy of the original Brainiac sent to divert them while another copy was stealing Kryptonian DNA and a meteorite sample. At this time, Zatanna and Martian Manhunter are figthing Queen Bee and her drones who are being helped by the Brainiac robots.

    The League then responds to a series of attempted nuclear missiles hijackings. The Key tries to hijack a missile but is defeated by The Flash and Green Lantern. Killer Frost also attempts to do the same but is subdued by Zatanna and Wonder Woman. However, one upgraded missile, capable of going into space, is launched at Mars undetected due to a world-wide communications blackout caused by Brainiac. The reason for this is to reawaken the White Martians on Mars who will then invade Earth. Superman and J'onn J'onnz fly to Mars and succeed in stopping them from escaping. However, this was another diversion to allow Brainiac to steal White Martian technology. Furthermore, Brainiac was able to free Gorilla Grodd.

    Wonder Woman flies into space to assist Superman in stopping the White Martian vessels who were able to escape Mars and J'onn Jonnz then returns to the Watchtower whilst the rest of the League fight Grodd to prevent him from using his Earthquake Machine. Doomsday ambushes J'onn J'onzz, taking him prisoner and then taking control of the Watchtower whilst Brainiac steals a Mother Box from the Watchtower. The League is able to regroup and free J'onn and defeat Doomsday. The League then travels to Brainiac's lair and defeat him.

    However, the Mother Box he stole activates and he is absorbed into Darkseid who has been released from a prison created by a Sensory Matrix Field Generator, who has been manipulating Brainiac this whole time. Darkseid is able to seemingly kill everyone, except Superman who he keeps in a Kryptonite jail, with the power of the Mother Box and he transforms Earth into a new Apokolips. The Mother Box in actuality has manipulated Darkseid's powers to send the League into another dimension, complete with teleports to allow them to come back and radiation that will allow them to withstand the Omega Beams. The League returns to Apokolips Earth, rescue Superman and defeat Darkseid, imprisoning him once again in his interdimensional prison and returning Earth to normal.

    Characters/ Combat

    The characters all play relatively the same. The power menu can be pulled up and the different buttons the menu corresponds to can be used to activate your powers. However, their powers and abilities are slightly different. For instance, Superman can fly, Wonder Woman can deflect bullets when in the defensive position and Batman can hurl Batarangs.

    Playable Characters



    Black Canary (PSP only)

    The Flash

    Green Arrow

    Green Lantern



    Martian Manhunter

    Supergirl (PSP only)


    Wonder Woman



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