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    The Flash, also known as Barry Allen is the extra fast scarlet soldier that defends Keystone City.

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    Jay Garrick (1940-current.)

    He inhaled Heavy Water vapors while on a smoke break in a college laboratory which somehow gave him superhuman speed and reflexes.

    Barry Allen (1956-1986. 2008-current.)

    He gained super speed when lightning hit him and he was doused in various chemicals at a laboratory. He then decided to become a super hero took the name Flash in honor of his childhood comic book hero Jay Garrick. Barry went on to become one of the founding members of the Justice League. He died in the Crisis, only to return 23 years later.

    Wally West (1986-2011)

    Known first as Kid Flash, Wally gained his abilities in a similar fashion to Barry Allen. He would serve as Barry's sidekick until his mentor's apparent death in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when he became the Flash. He was a founding member of the Teen Titans.

    Bart Allen (2006-2007)

    The grandson of Barry Allen and his wife Iris, Bart was born suffering from a hyper-accelerated metabolism, meaning he aged very quickly and was kept in a virtual world until his grandmother Iris brought him back in time where Wally West cured his affliction. He was known for a time as Impulse, and was a member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

    Powers Of A Flash

    As a Flash, the powers of running at super speeds are bestowed upon them:

    • Super Speed: The two most rememberable Flashes' are Barry Allen and his nephew Wally West. Both of these Flashes' have been recorded to break the sound barrier at 700 Mph, and is even seen rewinding or fast forwarding Time. However, only by 2 or 3 seconds. The Flash or Flashes can also travel the speed of light! While a Flash runs he sees everything in slow motion, and has to take time to look at the beauty of nature by paying attention.
    • Stamina: As a Flash, their Stamina isn't like most humans or meta humans. They can run for hours and days, without showing any natural tiredness. However, they have to eat a truck load of food to keep their energy up.


    Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe

    Even though the two universes separated, Flash kept his psychic bond with Liu Kang intact and they would warn each other of any dangers to their worlds. Not long after, Flash comes to Liu Kang's aid to fight off a threat by the sorcerer Quan Chi.

    Other Flash Characters

    Other Flash characters to have taken up his mantle are:

    Jesse Chambers

    Unnamed Allen of the 23rd Century

    John Fox

    Blaine Allen

    Jace Allen


    There have also been alternate flashes in different realities:

    Mary Maxwell

    Tanaka Rei

    Lia Nelson

    However within the video game industry it has generally tended to be Wally West who is typically the hero in most games to feature the Flash.


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